USF invites innovative dual-use projects to the 6-day Science & Business Startup Hackathon

From June 27 to July 2, 2022, there will be an online hackathon for scientists, startups and entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and viable dual-direction projects.

The event’s program includes a hackathon with the participation of the best foreign and Ukrainian experts, as well as individual mentoring, preparation for pitches and much more.

Science & Business is a series of events from the Ukrainian Startup Fund (Innovation Development Fund) and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, that operate to explore the scientific and innovative potential of scientists, startups, companies, experts, media investors, search for innovative ideas and solutions, raise awareness, marketing, sales, investment and innovation.

The Science & Business Startup Hackathon by the Innovation Development Fund and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine is an event that allows one to try out skills in building innovative dual-direction projects and make efforts to restore Ukraine’s postwar economy!

The Innovation Development Fund is launching a grant program in the form of grants for dual-purpose projects, up to $ 35,000 for each project. $ 25,000 is directed to the Applicant’s activities, and up to $ 10,000 is used to pay for the services of the Accredited Accelerator. Dual-purpose projects meet the demand of both individuals and the state.

The main criterion for selecting initiatives is the impact on the reconstruction of Ukraine in critical areas:

  • Security
  • Humanitarian and social support
  • Innovative medicine
  • Economic recovery, SME support
  • Education
  • Infrastructure Reconstruction
  • Culture

We invite scientists and startups with innovative solutions, technological products, modernized services or business models who can offer innovative solutions for the postwar reconstruction of Ukraine and seek new experience, knowledge and skills in critical areas of startups to commercialize their work.

Participation in the Science & Business Startup Hackathon is free of charge, subject to pre-registration and selectionvalid until June 20, 2022,. You will find the registration form below.

The hackathon will last 6 days (June 27 – July 2, 2022) and will contain 5 narrow sessions on Marketing, Sales, Finance, Team Building, Strategy.

Participants will have the opportunity to work out their ideas with relevant mentors during one working week and present it at the final Pitch to investors and industry experts from the world of startups and business and information on existing support formats for scientists and innovators.

Sсience&Business Startup Hackathon is:

  • A unique opportunity to gain knowledge on building large-scale innovative projects!
  • You will have the opportunity to listen to theoretical information and hear valuable insights from our speakers and try your knowledge in practice immediately!
  • Our goal was to create the most productive context. After the event, you would go not only with the inspiration to develop bigger and cooler, knowing where to go for support but also with new contacts that will help implement your ideas and projects.
  • Crush Test. Test yourself and your team for stress in extreme working conditions, analysis of ideas, startups and individual approaches to improvement.
  • Mentoring and targeted assistance of specialized specialists in building your project.
  • A real opportunity to finalize your project before applying for up to $ 35,000 in grants under a new grant program from the Innovation Development Fund.

Registration – until June 20, 2022 –