Dual-use Grant Support program

Get up to $ 35,000 for your project that will bring us closer to the victory

It is a non-refundable financial aid for dual-use projects that simultaneously cover three needs:

  • project development costs,
  • provides access to the best mentors and experts, and
  • increases the country’s defense capabilities and promotes its rapid postwar reconstruction.

The Fund’s program is designed to promote the creation and development of innovative dual-use products or services: technologies, processes or other components that distinguish such products from those already-existing on the market or meet the existing demand from both individuals and the state.

Applications are evaluated on an ongoing basis.


We support projects that focus on the following industries:


Stages of competitive selection for the grant:

  • Registration on the Web-portal and submission of the Application

  • Verification of the Application for compliance with the Regulations

  • Expert evaluation of the Application

  • Confirmation of a decision by the Supervisory Board on the financing and conclusion of the Grant Agreement


To participate in the Program, your project must already have proof of concept, ie practical confirmation of the possibility of its implementation.


  • Projects in which categories would be considered and provided a Grant for?

    The Fund provides grants to support projects that operate in the following areas: defense, cybersecurity, infrastructural restoration, health care, education.

  • Who can apply for the Dual-use Grant Program?

    The applicant can be a business entity registered in Ukraine, as well as a group of individuals who do not have the business entity status (but undertake to acquire such status before concluding the grant agreement), whose activities are aimed at development, creation, implementation and sale of innovative dual-use products or services.

  • What is the Grant amount and what can it cover?

    The Grant amount is up to $35,000, out of which – $25,000 are directed to the activities of the Applicant, and up to $10,000 for payment of the services of an Accredited Accelerator.

  • Are there any restrictions on the amount of investment or income received by the applicant at the stage of submitting the Application?

    No, there are no restrictions on the amount of investment or income received by the applicant, in consideration to receiving the Dual-Use Grant.

  • Do you have any requirements for the Application?

    The application must be submitted both in in Ukrainian and English. All sections of the application must be completed in accordance with the instructions set out in the Regulations on Dual-use projects Grant Support as well as in the application form. The information provided in the application must be reliable, relevant and may not violate any requirements of the legislation of Ukraine and the mentioned above Regulations.

  • How many times can I apply for a dual-use grant support program?

    The Applicant can submit only one Application for one innovative dual-use product or service at a time. If the Application has been rejected – the Applicant cannot re-apply.

  • What’s the process behind the selection and evaluation of the Application?

    The application goes through the following stages of selection and evaluation:

    • Internal compliance (verification of the application for compliance with the Regulations on dual-use projects grant support);
    • Expert evaluation;
    • Approval by the Supervisory Board;
    • Conclusion of a grant agreement.
  • In which categories will experts evaluate the application?

    Experts evaluate the application in terms of the following categories:

    • Demand (compliance of the application with the declared area; compliance with market needs and dual-use compatibility; availability of competitive advantages)
    • Feasibility (technological validation; innovation; implementation risk assessment)
    • Viability (availability of a team for implementation; sufficiency of grant funding to achieve goals; economic value of the grant)
  • What expenses can be financed by the Fund under the Dual-Use Grant Program?

    Expenditures that meet the following conditions may be financed from the Fund within the framework of this Grant Program:

    • costs provided in the applicant’s application;
    • the costs were incurred during the term of the grant agreement;
    • the costs are reasonable and necessary for the applicant to achieve the objectives set out in the applicant’s development plan;
    • the costs meet the requirements of current legislation and the terms of the Regulations on grant support for dual-use projects.
  • What expenses cannot be financed by the Fund under the Dual-Use Grant Program?

    The following cost categories cannot be funded:

    • liability costs incurred before receiving grant funding,other than liabilities related to remuneration, rent, payment for electronic communication services, payment for goods and / or services for research and development, which arose from the first day the of month in which the grant agreement was concluded;
    • interest or other payments on debt obligations;
    • securing future expenses and payments;
    • costs financed by investments and / or state aid and / or other programs;
    • costs associated with changes in exchange rates, as well as any fines, penalties, damages;
    • any entertainment expenses, except for participation in exhibitions and conferences;
    • costs of personnel selection and costs associated with the change of office, current and / or major repairs, purchase of furniture;
    • costs of purchasing land, buildings or premises, including any types of decoration and repair work in such premises;
    • any cash costs;
    • costs of prepayment for goods and services supplied and / or provided after the end of the period for which the budget estimate is formed.
  • What if my expenses have changed from the moment I applied to the time of receiving the grant?

    You can make changes to the Budget Estimate at the stage of submitting the documents which are required for signing the Grant Agreement.

  • In what time frame should I choose the accelerator?

    After the decision of the Supervisory Board to finance the applicant; meanwhile the applicant is obliged to choose one of the accelerators accredited by the Fund within twenty working days.