The winners of the 26th and 27th Pitch Days have been announced

On June 4 and 11 the Ukrainian Startup Fund hold respectively the 26th and 27th Pitch Days to select projects for state financing. 24 teams presented their ideas. We are pleased to announce that at the USF Supervisory Board meeting was decided to finance 13 of them for a total amount of $475 thousand, namely:

The startups on a pre-seed stage ($25,000 grant):

  • Avocado AI. A B2B SaaS that uses mathematical models to forecast the demand and form optimal orders for every ingredient (Kyiv).
  • MANNA. An interactive media platform that allows 3D animation of user-generated content, streaming, and social VR (Kyiv).
  • Advin. Goods availability controlling system on the shelves of food retail stores (Kyiv).
  • Monor. An innovative glasses with the possibility of customization and unique technology of fixing the temples (Kyiv).
  • Energy Absorbing Breakwater. Totally autonomous device for the conversion of the energy of sea waves to water desalination and power generation. Huge opportunities for scaling and use as the first coastal protection structure in history, capable of making a profit and paying back within 2 years (Dnipro).
  • 4comfortshoes. An online shoe fitting service for retailers and shoe manufacturers. Based on the photos of the buyer’s feet service determines the parameters and selects the most comfortable shoes for them (Kyiv).
  • Workee. An all-in box solution for running a private coaching business online (Kyiv).

The startups on a seed-stage ($50,000 grant):

  • Awesomic. An app that matches companies’ tasks with the best fit designer instantly. The client gets the result on the next business day for a flat monthly subscription. 3000 design projects completed on the Awesomic platform by companies like Reface, People AI, Restream, and others (Kyiv).
  • Copra. A Ukrainian manufacturer of premium segment speaker systems and amplifiers. Has more than 20 patents in the USA, Europe, and Ukraine (Odesa).
  • DreamApp. Dream interpretation app (Kyiv).
  • Onyx. A new, patented for its segment product with the contactless towel drying principle, which is produced and designed in Ukraine and has been already exported to the European countries and Israel. In line with a unique esthetic and engineering solution this product is highly functional for both delicate towel drying and other textile goods, and for efficient heating of the bathroom (Cherkasy).
  • Noplag. Plagiarism detection and resources for academic writing (Kyiv).
  • Meteocontrol AI. A platform that helps farmers with insurance by an affordable product using satellite data and our algorithms (Kyiv).

Who is the jury made up of?

Note: marks 26 and 27 to understand who was present on which Pitch Day.

  • Kateryna Degtyar. Chapter director at Startup Grind Kyiv (26, 27).
  • Olena Mazhuga. Investment manager at Genesis Investments (26).
  • Olesya Malovana. Chapter director at Startup Grind Dnipro (27).
  • Sergii Dovgopolyy. Managing partner at FeelGoodLabs businesses accelerator (26).
  • Maksym Beshleul. Founder and CEO at MedicalLife (26).
  • Yurii Sereshchenko. Managing partner at Quarter Partners (26).
  • Andrii Gulyi. Head of analytics at INDAX (26).
  • Oleksandr Yatsenko. Managing partner at BRISE Capital (27).
  • Dmytro Chernukha. Industry Innovation manager at DTEK (26).
  • Oleksandr Riabtsev. Founder of StartupInUA (27).
  • Oleksandr Yatsenko. Managing partner at BRISE Capital (27).
  • Andriy Zaikin. CEO and founder of YEP (27).
  • Stanislav Podyachev. Managing partner at Blockchain Lab (27).
  • Vitaliy Goncharuk. Founder of Augmented Pixels (27).

The main criteria for evaluating projects are team, market, idea (for pre-seed stage)\product (for seed stage), the feasibility of financing, strategy. 

Full recording of the 26th pitch can be viewed on our official YouTube channel at the link and 27th – at this.

As a reminder: the USF constantly accepts and evaluates applications from Ukrainian startups, which can be submitted on the official website at the link. 

Besides pre-seed/seed grants startups also have an opportunity to receive grants for educational programs of well-known Ukrainian and international accelerators. The USF Grant Acceleration Program aims to increase the number of successful startups, enhance professional competence and improve skills related to business development and beyond. More details you can find on our website at this link.