The winners of the 23rd and 24th Pitch Days have been announced

On April 2 and 16 the Ukrainian Startup Fund hold respectively the 23rd and 24th Pitch Days to select projects for state financing. 24 teams presented their ideas. We are pleased to announce that at the USF Supervisory Board meeting was decided to finance 13 of them for a total amount of $425 thousand, namely:

The startups on a pre-seed stage ($ 25,000 grant):

  • GeronCore — a living heart. A new generation of cardiac implants for kids with CHD (Kyiv).
  • Supplio. An automated restocking platform for the cosmetics suppliers that integrates them with their clients, providing automatic order management based on actual clients’ stocks and product usage (Kyiv).
  • Harmix. An intelligent service that automatically selects the right music for your video just in seconds (Kyiv).
  • AGRO BI. A business intelligence platform for risk management and the yield increasing for agribusiness with machine learning. The platform provides strict information on plant population and the presence of the weeds based on high-precision drone imaging using its own neural networks and data collection optimization algorithm (Kyiv).
  • Erudito. A mobile application, that allows children to learn school subjects in the game format and gain knowledge for modern professions (Kharkiv).
  • Ademrius. A web platform that allows the automation of the work of medical institutions through the implementation of online medical appointments and electronic patient history (Lviv).
  • Librarius. A mobile app that allows for purchase, rental, and free reading in electronic and audio formats (Kyiv).
  • Artera. A gadget that can draw in any color (Kyiv).
  • AutoBI. An innovative system designed for Automotive and related areas that will help to configure the processes for optimal fleet managing (Kyiv, Lviv).

The startups on a seed stage ($ 50,000 grant):

  • Effa. 100% eco-friendly recyclable and renewable disposable toiletries (Kyiv).
  • CareTech.Human. Fully automated, painless, and affordable solution for daily health checks, diabetes screening, and monitoring (Kyiv).
  • SmartReader. Lessons for children aged 6-16 on fast reading and memory development using a gamified online platform (Rivne).
  • Fiway. Quality internet for transport that works in any country of the world (Kharkiv).

Who is the jury made up of?

Note: marks 23 and 24 to understand who was present on which Pitch Day.

  • Kateryna Degtyar. Chapter director at Startup Grind Kyiv (22).
  • Mykhailo Khaletskyi. Credit Analyst at SEB AB (24).
  • Arkadiy Vershebenyuk. Partner at BeeVentures (24).
  • Maksym Beshleul. Founder and CEO at MedicalLife (23).
  • Yurii Sereshchenko. Managing partner at Quarter Partners (24).
  • Andrii Gulyi. Head of analytics at INDAX (23, 24).
  • Oleksandr Yatsenko. Managing partner at BRISE Capital (23).
  • Dmytro Chernukha. Industry Innovation manager at DTEK (23, 24).
  • Oleksii Orap. CEO and founder of Youscan (23, 24).
  • Vadym Rogovskiy. CEO and founder of Startup School Online (23).

The main criteria for evaluating projects are team, market, idea (for pre-seed stage)\product (for seed stage), the feasibility of financing, strategy. 

Full recording of the 23rd pitch can be viewed on our official YouTube channel at the link and 24th – at this.

As a reminder: the USF constantly accepts and evaluates applications from Ukrainian startups, which can be submitted on the official website at the link. 

Besides pre-seed/seed grants startups also have an opportunity to receive grants for educational programs of well-known Ukrainian and international accelerators. The USF Grant Acceleration Program aims to increase the number of successful startups, enhance professional competence and improve skills related to business development and beyond. More details you can find on our website at this link.