USF Director Pavlo Kartashov: The innovative solutions will give Ukraine a chance for a new future for the economy in the post-war recovery

The USF team is currently helping Ukrainian startups stay afloat even during the war. This was stated by the director of the Ukrainian Startup Fund Pavlo Kartashov to the representative of JIC – podnikání dává smysl Martin Gillár for Forbes Česko.

“In the last few weeks we have made dozens of phone calls with foreign partners, with the international media – with everyone who can objectively tell the world what innovative potential Ukraine has and what it takes to be able to use it in the future, ” says Pavlo Kartashov during the interview.

According to him, the Fund recently launched a new platform to coordinate assistance and support for Ukrainian startupsSAVEUASTARTUP, which brings together all those who can help startups during the war, and who need this support now.

The implementation of this initiative was due to the results of a study of the startup ecosystem of Ukraine, which was conducted by the USF the day before – STARTUP VOICE. The results of the survey showed that 71% of startups remain in Ukraine, 37.4% need relocation, 41.1% have no savings to continue working, and 99% need financial support.

“It is important for us that the startup industry in Ukraine stays afloat in such difficult conditions of war. More than 70% of startups have remained in Ukraine and are trying to keep their projects viable, ”said Pavlo Kartashov

The director of the USF also noted that the new Ukrainian economy may be the starting point for them in the future: “After the war, Ukraine will need smart solutions, so startups will be in demand as never before. Innovative solutions will give Ukraine a chance for a new future of the economy in the postwar recovery, “said Pavlo Kartashov.

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