USF is launching a platform to coordinate assistance to Ukrainian startups – SAVEUASTARTUP

The Ukrainian Startup Fund has developed a platform for coordinating assistance and support to domestic startups – SAVEUASTARTUP.

The relevant initiative is due to the results of a study of the startup ecosystem of Ukraine, which was conducted by the USF the day before – STARTUP VOICE. About 150 Ukrainian startups were interviewed as part of the study.

The results of the study showed that in the martial law in Ukraine, 37.4% of startups need relocation, 41.1% of startups have no savings to continue working, 99% of startups need financial support.

So, the Ukrainian Startup Fund has developed a platform that will bring together those who can help startups during the war and those who need it now.

On the platform you can fill in the form for both partners / sponsors and startups, indicating what kind of support is possible to provide / receive.

Also, for convenience in finding help on the SAVEUASTARTUP platform, there is an up-to-date map of all types of help for startups, which is constantly updated.

You can fill in the form here: