Changes in the work of the USF for the period of martial law

Due to the fact that many startups and their founders defend our country in the military, territorial defense and IT army of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Startup Fund (USF) can not actively support startups financially, but funding will be restored immediately after the victory.


  • The CCI of Ukraine has determined that force majeure due to the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine has been in force since February 24, 2022.
  • The Fund’s web portal ( and online support for startups ([email protected]) continue to operate on a full-time basis.
  • Reporting periods continue until the official end of martial law in Ukraine.

The USF team is currently communicating with all international partners, explaining the situation and calling for support and assistance.

On reporting and monitoring the use of grant funds in martial law:

  • For the period of martial law, the Fund’s Monitoring Commission will NOT make decisions on approving reports and, accordingly, transferring the next tranches to startups. This means that funding for start-up grant recipients is temporarily suspended.
  • At the same time, the Fund’s Monitoring Commission, to the best of its ability, continues to process startup reporting documents and communicates with startups through the same communication channels they used before, including through the web portal ( and official mail: [email protected]
  • The duration of the current reporting period will be extended for the duration of martial law. This means that you can submit reports later, and this will not be considered overdue.