The Ukrainian Startup Fund is launching a new grant support program for dual-use projects

The Ukrainian Startup Fund is launching a new grant support program for dual-use projects to increase the country’s defense capabilities and post-war reconstruction.

It is a non-refundable financial aid for dual-use projects that simultaneously cover three needs:

  • project development costs,
  • provides access to the best mentors and experts,
  • increases the country’s defense capabilities and promotes its rapid postwar reconstruction.

The new Fund’s program is designed to promote the creation and development of innovative dual-use products or services: technologies, processes or other components that distinguish such products from those already-existing on the market or meet the existing demand from both individuals and the state.

Аccording to the program, the Fund will support projects that focus on the following industries:

  • defense
  • cybersecurity
  • health care
  • education
  • infrastructure.

The Grant amount is up to $35,000, out of which – $25,000 are directed to the activities of the Applicant, and up to $10,000 for payment of the services of an Accredited Accelerator.

Competitive selection for the grant will take place in several stages:

  • Registration on the Web-portal and submission of the Application.
  • Verification of the Application for compliance with the Regulations.
  • Expert evaluation of the Application.
  • Confirmation of a decision by the Supervisory Board on the financing.
  • Conclusion of the Grant Agreement.

Profile experts will evaluate applications in terms of the following categories:

  • Demand (compliance of the application with the declared area; compliance with market needs and dual-use compatibility; availability of competitive advantages).
  • Feasibility (technological validation; innovation; implementation risk assessment).
  • Viability (availability of a team for implementation; sufficiency of grant funding to achieve goals; economic value of the grant).

You can read the Regulations on the Dual-Use Grant Support Program and submit an application at the following link: