The Ukrainian Startup Fund held the 28th Pitch Day

On July 9, the Ukrainian Startup Fund held its 28th Pitch Day to select startups for state financing. The event took place in offline mode on the territory of the innovation park UNIT.City. 13 startups made presentations (pitches). All of them are at the pre-seed stage (each of them applies for state grant funding in the amount of $25,000).

The event was opened by Arkadiy Vershebenyuk from JKR Investment Group, who presented a thorough report on “Mobility and logistics: a $ 5 trillion pie”:

“Logistics and transportation seem like boring areas to most people. However, they reach five trillion dollars in cash. Most of the processes in these areas are hidden from the eyes of the average person. This is comparable to tap water. All we do is touch it and see the water pouring. But behind this familiar thing is miles of pipelines, stations, filters, and other equipment that makes it possible. The e-commerce market will reach four trillion dollars already this year. Why did I mention e-commerce? For many, it is limited to images of goods on the site that can be purchased, but it is based on logistics. By 2030, the number of postal items will increase to 200 billion, which will put a tremendous burden on the entire system, which will eventually be fully overloaded. “

Who is the jury made up of?

  • Kateryna Degtyar. Chapter director at Startup Grind Kyiv.
  • Maksym Beshleul. Founder and CEO at MedicalLife.
  • Oleksandr Riabtsev. Founder of StartupInUA.
  • Yurii Sereshchenko. Managing partner at Quarter Partners.
  • Andriy Zaikin. CEO and founder of YEP.
  • Andrii Gulyi. Head of analytics at INDAX.
  • Arkadiy Vershebenyuk. Partner at BeeVentures.

The main criteria for evaluating projects at the pre-seed stage are team, market, idea, the feasibility of financing, strategy. In each category, a maximum is 5 points (in total maximum is 25). The passing score for a recommendation to the Supervisory Board for a grant is 12 points.

The results

This time the audience award according to a vote in the telegram channel was gained by the startup Fintellect.

The teams Smart ION, Agrotop UA, Darkbot, Fintellect, and Clasee received a special prize from UNIT.City 3 months of free access to the modern coworking NEST, which is located on the territory of the innovation park + its infrastructure.

Startups  MySat UA, Agrotop UA, and Zeely received a special prize from the event partner iHUB in the form of three months of free use of their workplaces.

According to the results of the Competition Сommittee’s assessments, the following startups rating list was formed (from the highest score to the lowest):

  1. Agrotop UA. A comprehensive expert-analytical information system of agribusiness management (Kyiv).
  2. Clasee. A knowledge-sharing platform for personalized life-long learning (Kyiv).
  3. MySat UA. A STEM kit and a model of a real satellite that can be built without special knowledge (Kyiv).
  4. Sugarrr. Diabetes hacking app (Kyiv).
  5. LuLL world. Mobile, orthopedic, resonance-therapeutic business hammocks (Kyiv).
  6. Deputy. A digital platform that automates the work of deputies and public receptions with residents ‘appeals throughout Ukraine, and is an effective tool for collecting, analyzing and in-depth understanding of residents’ problems (Kyiv).
  7. Zeely. An AI-powered platform that enables smartphone users to create websites for free and promote their businesses online (Kyiv).
  8. Smart ION. An ecosystem of smart modules for light and device control with built-in scenarios (Kyiv).
  9. SolidERP. ERP system for modern service companies (Kharkiv).
  10. Insolar-T. SaaS platform to increase energy efficiency. Remote EEaaS-product with AI platform (Kharkiv).
  11. BeeHiveDoor. A device for a typical hive, which is used to protect bee colonies from pesticide poisoning, flying predators, hypothermia and remote control of the main parameters of the hive (Chernivtsi).
  12. Fintellect. A financial adviser in an app. Made for small B2B service companies (Kyiv).
  13. Darkbot. Automatic trading on cryptocurrency and stock exchanges, which helps to optimize profit and minimize risks using trading indicators, machine learning and a neural network (Kyiv).

At the USF Supervisory Board meeting, which will take place in the near future, it will be decided which startups will receive grant funding.

We remind that according to the results of the 26th and 27th Pitch Days 13 startups were funded: Avocado AI, MANNA, Advin, Monor, Energy Absorbing Breakwater, 4comfortshoes, Workee, Awesomic, Copra, DreamApp, Onyx, Noplag and Meteocontrol AI.