The Ukrainian Startup Fund will Conduct the Second Pitch Day

The Ukrainian Startup Fund will conduct a second selection of startups applying for grant funding. Pitch Day will be held on February 25, 2020 in Kyiv at the Unit.City Innovation Park.

The innovative ideas of startups that will be presented on Pitch Day have been selected by 98 experts from over 500 applications.

“This is a key day for each of the participants. Everything you will hear and see during the presentations will relate to the world of innovations that can potentially affect our future. The purpose of the Fund is to help turn these words into reality, ” mentioned Pavel Kartashov,  CEO of the Ukrainian Startup Fund.

8 startups managed to get to the second Pitch Day, which  were highly rated by experts. Here are they:

Allzap is the official developer of a platform for the creation of online stores which sale auto parts, marketplace and a mobile application for IOS (automatic selection of spare parts by VIN code and a standard number). Allzap IT solutions help auto parts sellers find their buyers and sellers.

LightUponCloud is a high-speed file synchronization user service, a cheaper analog of Dropbox for business.

Agrifinance Online helps bring together Ukrainian agricultural market participants (farmers, investors, traders, distributors and insurers) into one platform. Using this new financial instrument as an agrarian receipt, they plan to develop the agricultural market of Ukraine through an integrated and transparent online ecosystem.

RoboBus is an innovative trailer platform with lots of advanced equipment that is a mobile lab for studying robotics, programming and 3D technologies. This solution will allow even the most remote settlements of Ukraine and the world to learn about IT technologies and start developing professional orientation among children and adults.

NUWORK is a CRM recruitment management system for starting positions and at recruitment. An employer works with the results of initial interviews, analyzes the effectiveness of the attraction channels of candidates and creates new vacancies with a chatbot in just 2 minutes. With NUWORK, HR efficiency rises to 70%, one recruiter is able to coordinate the hiring process of up to 100 jobs simultaneously.

GoodZone is a video calling service whose primary purpose is to unite all people, regardless of their status, into one big GoodZone, breaking down the “wall” and barriers in  communication. The application makes it possible for ordinary people communicate with their idols in different formats. First and foremost, let Celebrities / Masters know that the main link in their successful careers is the common people – the people they work for.

HarvesTrack is a Hardware and Software (IoT) solution to control the harvesting process and prevent grain theft during harvest. The solution is based on three types of sensors for a combine and reloader, which are supplemented with a friend-or-foe  identification system, as well as software to control the harvesting process, to automatically indicate situations of possible thefts, and also to collect, consolidate and store the work data of the combines SAAS solution.

ZALM is a new product in the security sphere of personal belongings. ZALM improves the safety of your personal backpack. By simply installing their gadget, which does not need to change the design or damage of the backpack, a user is notified of opening of any bag part not only on the phone, but also on a special hub, which is located on the strap of the backpack.

All startups are applying for a seed grant of $ 50,000.

The members of the Contest Commission will evaluate the startup pitches. The Contest Commission was elected by the Fund’s Supervisory Board: Alexandra Balkova (CEO of B2B SaaS Programs at Startup Wise Guys), Andrey Zaikin (CEO at YEP startup incubator), Alexander Zimmerman (Managing Partner at Solid5), Dmitry Korchevsky (Founder and CEO STEP Academy), Mikhail Khaletsky (Senior Investment Analyst at Simpact VC), Anna Tolstanova (Professor, Head of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv), Andriy Guliy (Chief Indax Analyst).

The main criteria for project evaluation are still: team, market, technology, product, strategy.

HOW TO JOIN: To visit the Second Pitch Day of the Ukrainian Startup Fund as a press representative or an observer – sign up on this website using this link. The number of places is limited. An online broadcast on our YouTube channel via the link will also be available.

DATE Pitch Day: February 25 from 11:00 am to 4:30 pm

LOCATION: Kyiv, vul. Dorohozhytska, 3, B8 (Unit.City).

The event program:

11:00 – 11:30 Check in and welcome coffee

11:30 – 12:15 Opening (expert presentation, presentation by commission members and startups)

12:15 – 14:00 Startup pitches

14:00 – 14:30 Coffee break and communication

14:30 – 16:00 Startup pitches

16:00 – The results

We are waiting for you at the Second Pitch Day of Ukrainian Startup Fund!

We remind that, as the result of USF’s First Pitch Day, the Ukrainian Startup Fund Supervisory Board has decided to give grant funding to the following startups:

6 Startups received a seed grant (AeroDrone,, Field BI, Law, Framiore and BIOC)

 Pytag and BioBin received a pre-seed grant.

At present time, another 600 applications are pending. In total, over 1300 participants have enrolled in the program.

Reference: The Ukrainian Startup Fund (USF) is a government fund, initiated by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Foundation’s mission is to support innovative projects and help the most talented Ukrainian entrepreneurs to create successful global companies. The fund provides grants to companies and individuals-entrepreneurs in the early stages of their development (pre-seed and seed). The selection process for start-up grants is competitive: companies are evaluated and selected by a board of independent investment experts.

The Ukrainian Startup Fund is ready to fund successful startups in all areas of activity except gambling, manufacturing and marketing of dangerous substances, alcohol and tobacco, military and nuclear technologies, as well as other activities prohibited by Ukrainian law.

The Fund constantly accepts and evaluates applications from Ukrainian startups. Pitch Days are regular events from the Ukrainian Startup Fund, which encourage innovative companies and individual developers to get funding for their ideas.

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