The Ukrainian Startup Fund together with the European Business Association will promote the introduction of corporate innovations

The Ukrainian Startup Fund (hereinafter – the Fund) and the European Business Association (hereinafter – EBA) are launching a joint initiative aimed at solving problems of Ukrainian and international business through the introduction and implementation of innovative products and solutions offered by Ukrainian startups.

Realizing that modern companies are looking for solutions to optimize the business and often, due to lack of communication within the ecosystem, may not know about the availability of interesting and affordable solutions, the Fund works closely with EBA to find startups and innovative solutions to help solve business problems or optimize necessary business processes. A key element for the growth of a successful startup ecosystem is a successful partnership to support business in the face of global competition. That is why the corporate innovation platform will allow startups to find opportunities to pilot their products or attract additional funding, and companies will be able to implement the most advanced solutions and technologies for optimal performance without additional costs and time. We understand that innovative solutions in corporations have already moved from the category of “trend” to the category of “necessity”, and therefore we believe that close cooperation between companies and startups will be mutually beneficial for both startups and companies, and will have a positive impact on the formation and development of the startup ecosystem of Ukraine.

“From the very beginning of the Fund’s work, we aim to find additional opportunities for Ukrainian startups, which would not be limited to grants. Our EVA initiative is a real opportunity to provide such opportunities for both corporations and Ukrainian startups. On the one hand, business benefits from gaining access to interesting and innovative solutions from Ukrainian startups. Startups, in turn, will offer their business ideas, which then can be implemented in business processes. 

We invite businesses to join the project by filling out an application form on the Fund’s website. The information obtained will help the Fund to find the best solutions and achieve synergies of interests. In addition, it is absolutely free for both startups and companies, ” commented Pavlo Kartashov, CEO of the Fund.

Anna Derevyanko, chief executive of the European Business Association, commenting on the initiative told about the important role of innovation in modern business:

“Innovations help businesses survive in difficult times. At the same time, a business itself must be bold enough to innovate. And also  to believe in yourself and your product. Today, many Ukrainian companies offer creative and interesting solutions to make business life easier and work more efficiently. In fact, in order to determine what difficulties a business has and what solutions will help it solve them, we, together with the Ukrainian Startup Fund, launched this initiative. 

Businesses are stronger when they support each other, especially in times of crisis. So I suggest that companies share the existing difficulties, and we, for our part, will try to help find tools to solve them. ”


The Ukrainian Startup Fund is a state fund launched on the initiative of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The mission of the fund is to promote the creation and development of technology startups in the early stages (pre-seed and seed), in order to increase their global competitiveness. The process of selecting startups for grants is competitive: companies are evaluated and selected by a board of independent investment experts.

The European Business Association was established in 1999 with the support of the European Commission in Ukraine. Today, the Association is one of the largest and most influential business communities in Ukraine, working to give companies (more than 1,000 members) the opportunity to work together to address issues important to Ukraine’s investment climate and improve it for the benefit of industry, society, economy and the country as a whole.