Even more Ukrainian startups have a chance to participate in the TechBBQ 2022 (Denmark): Pitch Day – July 28

The Ukrainian Startup Fund (USF) continues to do everything to support the national startup ecosystem and help Ukrainian startups in such a difficult period.

In particular, USF together with its partners, provides opportunities for startups to participate in international exhibitions, conferences, expositions and other international events, presenting their projects and the ecosystem of Ukraine on the world stage.

One such event is the international technology festival TechBBQ 2022, which will be held in Copenhagen (Denmark) on September 14-15, 2022.

Even more Ukrainian startups have a chance to participate in this event: the organizers (USF with the support of TechBBQ and GIST) will provide the opportunity for the 8 best startups to present their products and Ukraine at the exhibition.

Earlier, on July 8, the competitive selection for participation in TechBBQ 2022 was to take place, and the 4 winning teams were to be part of the Ukrainian pavilion in Denmark.

However, Pitch Day was postponed in order to organize an opportunity to increase the number of participants of the Ukrainian delegation among startups.

So now twice as many teams of Ukrainian startups will go to Denmark to present the innovative potential of Ukraine to the international community.

On Thursday, July 28, at 1:00 p.m., the online Pitch Day of Ukrainian startups to participate in TechBBQ 2022 will take place.

According to the results of the pitch, 8 winning teams will be selected by a professional jury.

16 startups will participate in the pitch, which were pre-selected from about 50 submitted applications according to the established participation criteria:

  • i3 Engineering is an innovative company in the fields of Smart Home and Automation solutions manufacturing. This product is a complete solution for Smart Home projects and business’s automation, which consists of the controllers mounted on a DIN-rail, software and mobile application.
  • S.Lab produces a truly green packaging that consists of only two plant based components, that are hemp and mycelium. This packaging is a natural replacement of polystyrene (or styrofoam) and is 100% biodegradable, after the usage it will fully decompose in just 30 days.
  • Ademrius  is SaaS Hospital Information System for small private medical practice.
  • Fruittorg is a B2B agromarketplace with fruits and vegetables specialization which generate the demand for producers and provide businesses with the short food supply chain. The trade process is simplified under the Fruittorg ecosystem, where all buyers and sellers are gathered in one place.
  • WheelKeep is an invisible security system that helps cycling enthusiasts to protect their bikes from thefts and enjoy the freedom of everyday cycling. It includes a smart hardware device and a mobile application.
  • AirLaw.Pro is a data-driven, proactive claim service for air passengers. It’s the first legal-tech startup helping people with canceled or delayed flights proactive way. This innovation is based on just in time, services offer providing assistance for passengers in need.
  • tellMe.place is a worldwide platform aimed to battle the world’s epidemic of loneliness. A user can write their story and get support from other people who have been through the same. The platform also features podcasts that might help in self-reflecting and understanding yourself better.
  • Qela App is an adaptive tool for designing and conducting political or social campaigns, movements, and advocacy, to increase their efficacy. Qela uses a voting system and gamification mechanics for supporters’ motivation management. Qela provides leaders and campaign managers with information that enables them to improve campaigns on the go based on analytics and communicate with their supporters better daily.
  • Akurateco is a Payment Orchestration Platform, a brandable, white-label solution allowing users to own the end-to-end ready-to-use PCI DSS gateway.
  • MISU is a health monitoring system & smart device which makes analysis of your health and gives you and with help of special algorithms builds a prediction before the onset of person’s critical situation.
  • AutoBI  is a SaaS automotive management platform for SMART solutions in a real-time mode. Designed as an innovative means of an excellent set up of the fleet management processes, it replaces dozens of programs and allows you to reduce costs while increasing the incomes of vehicle fleets.
  • GIOS is an interactive TikTok-style Math platform and tutoring marketplace for К12 students and teachers.
  • zeely.app  is a mobile application (SaaS, Freemium) for business promotion with convenient marketing tools for non-marketers.
  • SmartZavod is the world’s first fully automated multifunctional machine tool, that supports auto changing of 9 totally different tools for professional printing and has the continuous printing function for advanced and engineering materials.
  • UniGroups  is the set of microservices for organizing the learning process and improving the lives of both students and teachers.
  • The Great Catalog is a marketplace of 3D models for designers and architects.

The teams will be evaluated by:

  • Valery Krasovsky – Co-Founder & CEO of Sigma Software Group, General Partner of SID Venture Fund.
  • Mykhailo Khaletskiy – USF expert, Mentor of the Polish-Ukrainian Startup Bridge.
  • Andriy Zaikin – CEO at YEP Startup Incubator.
  • Tom Voorneveld – Founder and CEO at Bligson.
  • Nicklas Pavoncelli – Global Partnership Manager at TECHBBQ.

As a result of pitching, 8 winners will receive tickets to TechBBQ 2022 and a free stand for the presentation of their projects.

Stream: https://youtu.be/PjCDsHw_FFc

TechBBQ 2022  is a two-day event mainly aimed at gathering and rejuvenating the ecosystem of European startups through the creation of networks of like-minded professionals, and most importantly, connecting startups in search of funding and investors searching for new business opportunities.