On December 16, the Taras Shevchenko National University hosted Science & Business Demo Day, organized by the Ukrainian Startup Fund and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

The event, which was a continuation of the two-day intensive course Science & Business Startup Bootcamp, was attended by about 100 people, including scientists, startups, and entrepreneurs in the early stages of science-intensive innovation, subject matter experts, representatives of partners, and others.

Welcome remarks at the opening of Science & Business Demo Day were made by:

  • Oleksiy Shkuratov, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine for European Integration;
  • Anna Tolstanova, Vice-Rector for Research at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv;
  • Pavlo Kartashov, CEO of the Ukrainian Startup Fund;
  • Etienne de Poncins, Ambassador of the French Republic to Ukraine;
  • Lukasz Wawak, Polish-Ukrainian Startup Bridge Project Support Project Manager;
  • Valeria Kuzmenko, founder of SalesTech and co-founder of Baltic Sandbox Ukraine.

Partners of the event: Taras Shevchenko National University, ISE Accelerator, YEP!, Startup School Online, Startup Grind Kyiv, Baltic Sandbox Accelerator, SoftServe, Vlasna Sprava, Embassy of France in Ukraine, Polish-Ukrainian Startup Bridge, DTEK, UNIT, Noosphere. 

During Science & Business Demo Day, the 11 best teams publicly presented their innovative research projects to experts and business representatives in order to further collaborate:

  1. LightControlSystem. Fiber-optic control systems for civil aircraft. The project aims to develop innovative control and monitoring systems for aircraft and the status of helicopters based on fiber-optic communication lines and photonic integrated circuits.
  2. VACUUM GRAVITY ENERGY. Laboratory equipment that converts potential atmospheric pressure energy into electricity.
  3. AgroAI. Autonomous aeroponic farm.
  4. Rocketry Agency. Launch of suborbital research missiles, which do not currently exist in Ukraine. Gradual transition to orbital launch vehicles, which will make it cheaper to launch one kilogram of payload.
  5. S.Lab. 100% biodegradable packaging made from technical hemp and mushroom mycelium to replace plastic and foam.
  6. Atmosphere Enterprise. Intelligent system for accurate local weather monitoring and forecasting.
  7. HyperBots. Courier robot.
  8. SANI. The first smart antiseptic generator that turns ordinary water into a safe eco-friendly sanitizer.
  9. LAN. Unmanned aerial vehicles to solve problems that arise in agricultural companies during crop protection.
  10. WARM WALL. Transformation of walls and roofs of buildings into solar systems of the large area – a source of alternative energy.
  11. PUMPKIN SELLES. Development of equipment, technologies for cleaning and processing of pumpkin seeds.

The selection of startups was based on the following criteria:

  • uniqueness and benefits of the project,
  • its level of readiness,
  • team,
  • assessment of the possibility of the project implementation,
  • socio-economic impact of the project result for the country.

The evaluation of projects during the pitching was carried out by a professional jury consisting of representatives of the USF, The Ministry of Education and Science, and partners of the event.

The winners, who received valuable gifts from partners and new opportunities for further development of their projects, were:

  • 1st place – S.Lab
  • 2nd place – Rocketry Agency
  • 3rd place – SANI

Video of the event:

PS: The event was held in compliance with all quarantine restrictions.