Pitch of the Ukrainian Startup Fund Graduates

On December 4, the Ukrainian Startup Fund (hereinafter —  the Fund) will hold an English-language pitch of startups that have already received grants from the Fund. Representatives of international investment funds, business angels, private investors, grantors and accelerators are invited to the pitch.

Some of the best startups of the first year of the Fund’s grant activity will present their projects. You will see 17 winning teams of the Fund’s Grant Program, which were selected according to a specially developed methodology of the Fund  —  some of them attracted additional funding after the grant, some were selected in leading international accelerators, some are already successfully selling their product, and some have demonstrated the most effective use of grant funds. Startups have the opportunity to present their projects to representatives of the global startup ecosystem, and investors can meet the Fund’s graduates and assess their level. The event will take place online, so everyone will be able to watch the live broadcast of the pitches on our official YouTube channel.

By December 2, 2020, a year had passed since the start of applications by the Ukrainian Startup Fund. And now we are ready to show reputable investors some of the best startups, which were selected by experts of the Fund and received grant funding. For the first time, startups will not fight for grants, but will face investors, each of whom can potentially change their destinies. Such a meeting is important for both parties, as startups are always looking for funding, and investors, in turn, are happy to pay attention to promising teams.This is the first, but not the last event of this format. We are confident in our graduates, and therefore we are waiting for exciting performances and results! ” comments the announcement Pavlo Kartashov, СEO of the Ukrainian Startup Fund.

What startups will we see?

7 startups at the pre-seed stage and 10 at the seed stage were invited to this Pitch Day. Meet:

Startups at a pre-seed stage:

  • OrganizationGG. We help vetted pro gamers and streamers to boost income and grow the audience by offering online Experiences to their fans
  • Cittart. Online marketplace of contemporary art.
  • IOON. Pocket-size device that creates sanitizer from water. Anytime. Anywhere.
  • VAR Energy. Technology and market platform for the procurement of real-time reactive power services.
  • Elomia. A virtual friend, who listens, understands and provides psychological support 24/7.
  • Portal. We automate international compliance and payroll for remote companies.
  • Skyworker. Recruiting marketplace where nothing annoys candidates and recruiters. Skyworker helps companies to get candidates they can’t reach by typical methods.

Startups at a seed stage:

  • Mate academy. Teach people programming for free until we get a job.
  • Kray. Kray manufactures the world’s first automatic drones for plant protection and fertilization in field crops with industrial productivity (up to 470 Ha / day), which reduces application costs by 90% to approximately $2/Ha (US market).
  • Legal Nodes. Platform for freelance lawyers to work on bigger projects and for businesses to easily delegate legal tasks remotely.
  • FINMAP. Financial management tool that allows business owners to see the state of their company without special knowledge of finance and studying of complex systems. 
  • Outloud.ai. Platform that allows companies in the hospitality sector to automate voice conversations with customers using Artificial Intelligence.
  • ORTY. All-in-one restaurant management platform that provides restaurants with the means to accept digital orders for delivery, dine-in, takeaway and curbside pickup. Available out of the box, immediately after the registration.
  • Unicon Nest. We recommend the most relevant investors from a comprehensive, verified and constantly updated database for startups, and build an effective workflow for the fundraising process.
  • Esper Bionics. Hardware company that develops IoT products in prosthetics. The first product is a robotic prosthesis with accessible mechanics and intuitive control – Esper Hand.
  • FlashBeats. FlashBeats is a mobile application for creating light shows, developed on the basis of own technology for synchronizing flashlights and smartphone screens. 
  • Neverdark. Neverdark is a fireplace with real fire for any apartment. Our company develop, produce and sell an innovative automatic fireplace with remote control via mobile app (iOS and Android) that runs on liquid vegetable fuel and does not need a chimney. That is the world’s safest fireplace with real flame. No maintenance required.

How to join?

An online broadcast will be available on our YouTube channel at the link where everyone will be able to follow the events in real time.

DATE: December 4. Actual start at 12:00 and until 13:30.

Information Note

The Ukrainian Startup Fund is a state fund launched on the initiative of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The mission of the fund is to promote the creation and development of technology startups in the early stages (pre-seed and seed), in order to increase their global competitiveness. The process of selecting startups for grants is competitive: companies are evaluated and selected by a board of independent investment experts.