Pitch Day winners to participate in the Web Summit 2021 were announced

On the 22nd of September, there was the first public selection of startups to participate in the Web Summit 2021, which will take place in November this year. Out of 23 teams, ten winners were selected to be recommended for approval by the USF Supervisory Board. The approved startups will receive innovative vouchers and present their products at the Ukrainian Startup Pavilion in Lisbon, Portugal.

Innovative vouchers are a novelty from the USF. This is a grant to cover the costs of startup representatives’ participation in international exhibitions, conferences, promotional tours, or other international events that take place outside of Ukraine.

The peculiarity of this event is that for the first time the participation of startups in the exhibition is stimulated and organized by the state. Until now, there were only private initiatives. Web Summit is the largest technology conference in the world.

Which startups won?

  • SPOKK. A B2C fully digital insurance platform for buying, claiming, and managing insurance policies.
  • Organization.GG. Helps streamers earn income by hosting fan experiences in the gaming multiverse.
  • Wantent. An AI-powered content intelligence platform providing insights from the audience. Our mission is to make a positive impact on the content production industry globally and contribute to the improvement of the watching experience.
  • GIOS. An Interactive TikTok-style Math platform for pupils.
  • Carbominer. Helps greenhouse growers to move to more efficient and sustainable horticulture with our microclimate monitoring system and CO2 captured from the open air.
  • Skyworker. A “tinder-like” tech recruiting marketplace.
  • Clasee. A knowledge-sharing platform for personalized life-long learning.
  • DJOOKY. A music trading platform, offering artists access to a global investment community and investors the opportunity to trade a new asset class.
  • AutoBI. A SaaS automotive management platform for SMART solutions in a real-time mode. Designed as an innovative means of an excellent set up of the fleet management processes, it replaces dozens of programs and allows you to reduce costs while increasing the incomes of vehicle fleets.
  • Finmap. A financial management tool for SMBs.

Who is the jury made up of?

  • Oleksii Vitchenko. CEO Digital Future.
  • Valentina Rakitina. Head of Ecosystem Department at UNIT.City.
  • Valery Krasovsky. Co-founder of Sigma Software Group.
  • Anna Derevyanko. EBA Executive Director.
  • Ivan Bilash. Head of Expanse at Parimatch Tech.
  • Anton Melnyk. Expert of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine on startup ecosystems development.
  • Oleksandr Yatsenko. Managing Partner at BRISE Capital.
  • Andriy Gubinskiy. Managing Partner at CRAFT INNOVATIONS.
  • Vasyl Zadvornyy. CEO at Prozorro.
  • Oleksandr Romanishin. Advisor to the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.
  • Oleksii Orap. СEO YouScan.
  • Sviatoslav Sviatnenko. CIO & DPO at ISSP.
  • Deborah Fairlamb. Market & Industry Development Lead USAID Cybersecurity Activity.
  • Olena Sosyedka. Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Concord Bank.

The main criteria for evaluating projects were: team, product, market, the innovative potential for market impact, and relevance to consumers.

Full recording of the pitch can be viewed on our official YouTube channel at the link.

Gratitude to partners

The event is organized by the Ukrainian Startup Fund jointly with the Ministry of Digital Transformation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy of Ukraine in Portugal, Sigma Software Group, Ukrainian Hub, the European Business Association, and the digital agency iplace.

The general partner of the presentation is Digital Future.

The partners are PariMatch Tech, Rocket, Fondy, Avenga, ISSP, Concord Bank, and UNIT.City.


The Ukrainian Startup Fund is a state fund launched on the initiative of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The mission of the fund is to promote the creation and development of technological startups in the early stages (pre-seed and seed), in order to increase their global competitiveness. The process of selecting startups for grants takes place on a competitive basis: companies are evaluated and elected by the board of independent investment experts.