Startups were announced for participation in the first Grant Acceleration Program

We are pleased to announce that on the results of the Fund Supervisory Board meeting, a list of startups was approved. These startups will be awarded a grant for acceleration programs. The total number of startups is 65. This is the first wave of startups approved for acceleration since its announcement. Congratulations to the team!

“I sincerely congratulate the teams and all involved to the launch of the Grant Acceleration Program! This is a striking example of a new and successful initiative of the Fund, which aims to develop the Ukrainian startup ecosystem. But no development is possible without a key element of this ecosystem  —  startups. Acceleration is a common practice in the world of innovative entrepreneurship, which helps startups to evolve. The experience of acceleration will not go unnoticed and will have a positive impact on their development. Training will start this spring, so we will look forward to hearing about the success of the teams! Special thanks to the Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Oleksandr Bornyakov, who initiated the creation of this program, and to the members of the Supervisory Board of the Fund, who strove to bring its practical implementation.”сommented Pavlo Kartashov, CEO of the Ukrainian Startup Fund.

Startups approved for acceleration in iHUB powered by NUMA:

  • Comfound. A platform for quickly business partners match with a full range of legal and other consulting services for starting and developing a business.
  • WonderWay. A mobile app platform which provides tested travel itineraries.
  • Ethicontrol. An online tool for methodologically correct organization of management ethics: a corporate compliance portal, the service identifies risks and issues based on collected compliance forms.
  • lZlVlZ. The drones for visual inspection processes inside buildings, tanks, pipes, cranes and other hazardous and inaccessible locations
  • Neverdark. A fireplace with real fire for any apartment. 
  • Sorbsys. New evolutionary accumulation batteries, the sorption ones.
  • Highers. A platform for the placement and promotion of vacancies, internships, and events for Junior and entry-level professionals with the service to automatically process candidates based on machine learning and NLP models. 
  • Custle. A platform for finding actors and models by providing ML-generated shortlists.
  • Sprybuild. An innovative technology of continuous 3D printing with resins —  CPWC.
  • Wizzylab. An online school designer that makes it easy to create an online school for educators in 5 minutes to sell courses and educate students. It’s like wix for education.

Startups approved for acceleration in eo Business Incubators:

  • A.D.A.M. 3D printing of different tissues (initially bones) made of patented organic materials, which can be scalably and cheaply manufactured and used.
  • Creative Practice. An educational online ecosystem for the creative industries.
  • Free video site — progressive web app builder for bloggers, online tutors and video content creators, which helps to capitalise knowledge and video content. 

Startups approved for acceleration in 1991 Open Data Incubator:

  • FIT-Budget. A platform for budgetary accountants. 
  • Кнопка. The new system of nurse call.
  • Сапорт. A service that connects you directly with a professional to solve your household problem within 15-20 seconds.
  • LEDOMOTORS. A unique genetic algorithm system that creates a new driving experience by utilising the advantages of independent wheel drive of the four-motor powertrain system. 
  • Kray Technologies. The world’s first automatic drones for the introduction of plant protection products and nutrition in field crops with industrial productivity.

Startups approved for acceleration in Seed Forum Global Accelerator:

  • Nutritionista. A smart app that helps to lose weight and improve the health of people who mainly eat in restaurants.
  • Native in You. Platform for blended learning of foreign languages with unique and patented method, creative and vibrant interface. It brings together teachers and students and is for both B2C and B2B. 
  • Vgreen. Indoor Smart Garden.
  • СвійДоктор. A digital health insurance direct selling platform. 
  • UNIC Advertising Network. Decentralized advertising network with software for browsers and for mobile devices, which block online advertising, collect, crypt and save selected personal data of customers in decentralized storage.
  • TeamSolution. Software that monitors staff performance using computer vision systems and artificial intelligence in areas where physical team activity is used.
  • Спас. Portable small-sized fire extinguishing devices of a pistol type.
  • Пошуки родовищ корисних копалин методом пульсуючого електромагнітного зондування. Search for oil and gas fields using pulsed electromagnetic sounding (PEMZ).
  • ScanShower. Cabins and capsules for healing, restoration of the body, reduction of stress and fatigue.

Startups approved for acceleration in USMAC Later Stage:

  • Smart sensors for crutches to monitor the load on the limbs after various conditions and injuries to the lower extremity.
  • Postello (ex-Abrakadabra). A service of automatic creation of text by artificial intelligence.
  • GoodZone. An application which allows you to communicate with celebrities.
  • KHMARKA. AI-powered platform for chatbot creation.
  • Spark Systems. A SaaS platform for creating educational, service and search chatbots, and messenger shops.
  • Histogram.Tech. Online service for social networks to track revenue from advertising, analyze competitors, identify traffic sources and track bots.
  • LightUponCloud. The replacement for Dropbox, with additional features that midsize business miss the most.
  • PepperPin. One click reservation service for small businesses.
  • TradeEVO. An international trading platform where local manufacturers place goods and international merchants sell these products worldwide.
  • NUWORK. Automation the candidate searching process taking place in every company.
  • MBC Bundles & Product PACK. An application to create Shopify eCommerce bundles and product packages to increase your average check, cross-sell, and simplify inventory of such combinations and enable them to be included in marketing campaigns.
  • iCORN. Marketplace, which brings together farmers, buyers and connects them with logistics and banking.

Startups approved for acceleration in Demium:

  • Framiore. Ukrainian sustainable women’s clothing brand with its own apparel production, R&D center for the research and development and innovative textile products and technologies.

Startups approved for acceleration in ISE Group (Group 1):

  • ОСББ Онлайн. A platform for communication, decision-making, reporting between management companies and residents and receiving additional services from external suppliers for residents.
  • Ревізіон. Improving the quality of the service in small, medium and large businesses by conducting and setting up evaluation mechanisms from clients.
  • iBeauty. An online booking service in the field of beauty and cosmetology.
  • An analytical online business service that provides information on the benefits and risks of opening a store/cafe/hairdresser or other location-based business.
  • Артеріальна осцилографія. Arterial oscilography methods for more complite information from one blood pressure measurement, which helps to create for the doctor new medical imaging technology and monitoring of the cardiovascular system for the early diagnosis of disorders of its operation.
  • FieldBI. A comprehensive analytical and expert system that will help improve the performance of solutions for all market holders.
  • Noplag. Plagiarism detection software & resources for academic writing.
  • ТОВ ТРАСТЛАЙФ. Life insurance in a smartphone.

Startups approved for acceleration in ISE Group (Group 2):

  • Копра акустік. Home speaker system that the user can adapt to the room while maintaining sound quality and sound stage – parameters that audiophiles are looking for.
  • AR Warriors (ex – Hybrid-War). Augmented reality shooter, focused on health improvement and socialization.
  • БІФАЗИК+. Automatic external defibrillator.
  • ТурбоРапід. Development and serial production of a small and highly efficient line of gas-fired boilers, which significantly reduces the consumption of natural gas used for heat generation.
  • BIOC. Nano Polymerization technology that allows the binding of starch at the molecular level to produce the biocompound (or bioplastics) with high physico mechanical properties
  • ELUPAY. A complex of Hardware and Software solutions that allows the owners of any kind of vending machines to organize the acceptance of non-cash payments (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) quickly and profitably.
  • БОСІ. Creation and development of the Ukrainian brand of barefoot shoes.

Startups approved for acceleration in Startup Wise Guys:

  • BlogerMall. An influencer marketing platform.
  • IOON (ex-Dew Pocket). The first portable device that turns ordinary water into an unlimited sanitizer.
  • Next Generation. VR platform for exhibitions, conferences, forums, etc.
  • BDiary. All-in-one mobile solution for private practice in the aesthetic industry.
  • RichMe. A personal virtual financial assistant.
  • Pocket IP. A platform for searches, accounting and managing Intellectual Property (IP) objects worldwide.
  • GROOT. A mobile application that allows you to quickly find taxis and loaders.
  • Agrifinance online. A platform which helps to unite participants of the agricultural market of Ukraine (farmers, investors, traders, distributors and insurers) into a single ecosystem.
  • Chipeer. A P2P marketplace for remote social shopping.
  • eSalesPlatform. E-commerce platform which helps retailers to expand their businesses on global marketplaces like Amazon or eBay.


The Ukrainian Startup Fund is a state fund launched on the initiative of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The mission of the fund is to promote the creation and development of technological startups in the early stages (pre-seed and seed), in order to increase their global competitiveness. The process of selecting startups for grants takes place on a competitive basis: companies are evaluated and elected by the board of independent investment experts. 

The Fund also provides opportunities for promising startups to receive grants for acceleration programs of well-known Ukrainian and international accelerators. The USF Grant Acceleration Program aims to increase the number of successful startups, enhance the professional competence and improve skills related to business development and beyond.