Grant USF

Non-refundable financial assistance to Ukrainian startups, the effect of which has already been felt by more than 250 projects

Admission of applications for participation in the Grant Program of the Ukrainian Startup Fund is temporarily suspended.

The Fund is currently proposing other initiatives, which can be located on the official website of the Fund.

Program purpose

The Grant program of the Ukrainian Startup Fund (USF) was created to provide financial support to Ukrainian startups in the form of grants. USF provides funding to Ukrainian startups in the pre-seed and seed stages of $ 25,000 and $ 50,000 without equity participation.

The startup has the opportunity to receive up to $ 75,000 for its development and current activities, as well as up to $ 10,000 for the Acceleration program in one of the international or Ukrainian accelerators.

Program objectives

USF Grant program aims to promote the creation and growth of early-stage technology startups in Ukraine in order to increase their global competitiveness. By providing capital for startups, Fund seeks to facilitate efforts to finance and promote these startups, as well as to develop the Ukrainian technology startup ecosystem.

About USF Grant Program

We support startups, in particular, but not exclusively, in the following industries (verticals):

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Big Data
Health care
Media and advertising
Energy and ecology


  • Registration and submitting an Application

  • Internal compliance

  • Expert evaluation

  • Pitch and evaluation by the Selection Commission

  • Approval by the Supervisory Board

  • Concluding a Grant Agreement


Useful Information

Every year more and more startups appear in Ukraine, and we support them by awarding grants. However, for first-time grant recipients, this process may seem too complicated. We cannot simplify the application procedure, but we can make it apparent. That is the primary goal of the free online course “Grants of the Ukrainian Startup Fund” from USF and Creative Practice.


  • Introduction of the UFS
  • Application procedure
  • Pitch Preparation
  • Signing a Grant Agreement and Reporting

We hope that this tool will make it possible to increase the number of winners of the Grant Program of the Fund.


  • 8 video lectures;
  • 10 articles;
  • Online study at your own pace;
  • Digital certificate at the end of the course.


Budget and funding

USF Grant program covers the entire amount of expenses envisaged by the estimate approved by the Fund. The amount of grant financing is transferred in tranches to a separate bank account opened for the purposes of implementation of the Grant Agreement.

How to plan the Estimate properly?

• Get acquainted with the provisions under the Regulation on the Grant Program of the Innovation Development Fund;
• Examine all the requirements and cost limits;
• Plan and discuss each of the expense items with team members;
• Review price proposals;
• Check the existence of an employment relationship with team members;
• Prepare the necessary documents.

General Questions

  • How to get funding?

    On the USF website, click the “Grant” and register on the web portal through the link:

    Read and accept all the Terms, Conditions of Use of Web Portal and Policies. After that – fill in the required application fields on the web portal.

    Please apply only through our official web portal and do not send information to the USF e-mails or social networks. Such applications will not be considered.

  • What projects do you support?

    We support Startups that operate in all industries, except those that are expressly prohibited by Ukrainian law.

  • Who can receive financial support?

    We provide support to Ukrainian startups, that are in the early stages of the development (pre-seed and seed). At the same time, institutions of higher education and research institutions can participate as co-performers.

  • Is it important to be registered in Ukraine?

    The startup must be registered in the manner provided by law in the United State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs, and Public Organizations of Ukraine.

  • How the business representative can find the relevant Startups for further communication and cooperation with them?

    Our initiative together with EBA will help with this issue. To understand the problems and find proper solutions for your business, fill in the Application Form on the USF website in the “Corporate Innovations” section.

Grant Application

  • What are the application deadlines?

    There is no deadline for applying for a grant. We accept applications on a continuing basis.

  • Can an individual apply for a Grant?

    Individuals cannot be Grant applicants. The startup must be a registered business entity: an individual entrepreneur or limited liability company. The application is submitted by an authorized person from Startup and signed with the qualified electronic signature.

  • How will the Fund verify me as an entity?

    When concluding the Agreement, you must provide the following documents:

    • certificate of opening a separate bank account, intended for the grant funds;
    • confirmation of intellectual property rights and know-how (if any);
    • certificate from the Unified Register of enterprises in respect of which bankruptcy proceedings have been initiated;
    • certificate of absence of arrears of taxes, fees, charges;
    • information certificate from the Unified State Register of Persons who have committed corruption or corruption-related offenses against an authorized person of the Startup;
    • a certificate that the authorized person of the Startup has not been convicted of crimes committed for selfish motives, as well as the absence of convictions that have not been removed or expunged in the manner prescribed by law;
    • information on all state aid received by the Startup during the last three years, its form and
      purpose, as well as on all available monetary obligations of the Startup and received investments (in any form).
    • documents confirming the authority to sign the contract by the head or authorized person of the legal entity, if the Startup is a legal entity.
  • How many applications can one Startup submit?

    The startup submits one application for one type of grant: seed or pre-seed. In case of rejection of your application, you can re-submit it, but not more than 3 times a year.

  • Can I apply if I don't have a team?

    Yes, but in this case, if you plan to involve team members, please add a technical requirement for the key positions of the Startup.

  • Do you have any requirements for the Application?

    Instructions for completing the Application are contained in the Application Form and the Grant Program Regulation.

    The application is filled in exclusively in Ukrainian by the authorized person of the Startup. The information provided in the Application must be reliable, up-to-date and may not violate any requirements of the legislation of Ukraine and the Regulations.

  • Is it possible to fill in the application in English?

    No. The application is filled in the Ukrainian language only, except for the fields with the annotation, which should be filled in both Ukrainian and English.

  • What's the difference between a pitch deck and a demo of a startup?

    A pitch deck is a graphic presentation of the Startup that will be used on the Pitch, and a demonstration video about the startup is a video demonstration of your Startup with the participation of at least half of the founders of the Startup and lasting at least 8 minutes.

  • What does lean canvas mean?

    This is the method of the startup model used when filling out the Application by the Startup.

    The description using lean canvas includes the following categories: problem, available alternatives and solutions, key metrics, revenue and cost structure, unique value and non-market competitive advantage, the path to the consumer, consumer segments, and description of the ideal consumer.

  • Do I need to fill in all the information for each section?

    All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. We also recommend that you fill in all other fields, although this is not required.

  • Do I need to fill in all the information in one session?

    You can save the information at any time during the application process and continue filling it in later. When completing each section, do not forget to save data regularly, so as not to lose information.

  • Can I review the application before submitting it?

    After clicking the Submit Application button, you will be able to view the latest information about the application before the final submission. If you want to change any of the information displayed on the application preview page, you can do so by returning to the previous page.

    After submitting the application, you will be able to view it, but not to change.


Competitive selection procedure

  • How long does the application take?

    We try to process applications as they are received. Usually, the review lasts 2-3 months, but it depends on the number of applications and the level of the experts workload.

    You can monitor the results of the selection and the status of your application in your personal account on the Web portal.

    The stages of selection of grant applications are:

    1. Registration on the Web portal;
    2. Completion and submission of the application;
    3. Internal compliance (verification of the application to the requirements of the Regulations);
    4. Evaluation by Experts;
    5. Pitch and evaluation by the Selection Commission;
    6. Decision-making on grant support by the Supervisory Board;
    7. Signing of the Grant Agreement.
  • How is Pitch Day conducted under quarantine restrictions?

    The event takes place online, remotely, using a service for video conferencing – Zoom. If you want to join the Pitch, the event is always streaming on YouTube.

  • Are you signing a non-disclosure agreement? How can I know that my idea will not be stolen?

    We respect your ideas and intellectual property, and take all possible measures to protect them. We adhere to the approved Privacy Policy, as well as the Terms of Use of the Web Portal, which you have had the opportunity to read. In addition, we sign a number of necessary documents with conditions of confidentiality with the Experts, members of the Selection Commission and the USF team.

  • How is the application evaluated?

    The evaluation of each submitted application is carried out in several stages.

    It is first checked in the compliance stage, then evaluated by independent experts who are professionals in the industry in which Startup works.

    According to the results of experts evaluation, the Startup may be admitted to the Pitch – a presentation to the Selection Commission.

    The Selection Commission evaluates the Startup and provides its recommendations to the USF Supervisory Board. Finally, the Supervisory Board of the Fund makes final decision on financing your Startup.

  • Why was our application not accepted?

    We do not provide individual feedback on why we did not choose your application for funding. The main reason why the application may be rejected is its non-compliance with the requirements of the Regulations and a sufficient number of the applications.

    However, during the competition process, we will provide feedback on the stages of your Startup application.

Other questions