Pavlo Kartashov: Our task during the war is to help Ukrainian startups survive, and after the victory – to successfully restart the startup ecosystem of Ukraine (Interview for the Washington Post)

Pavlo Kartashov, Director of the USF, told the Washington Post how the war affected Ukraine’s startup ecosystem.

“A full-scale war has changed the life balance of startups. Some began to look for opportunities to relocate their business, some moved to safer regions of Ukraine or abroad, and some paused their business and went to the front. Our task now, during the war, is to help Ukrainian startups survive. And then, after the victory, – successfully restart the ecosystem of Ukraine. While the war is going on, it is difficult to persuade anyone to return. But when it is over and we win, there must be comfortable conditions in Ukraine… for startups to return and the outflow of personnel to stop, ”said the director of the Ukrainian Startup Fund.

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