The Ukrainian Startup Fund announces the call for external experts to evaluate grant applications.

Expert evaluation of startups

1. Experts evaluate only applications that are closely related to their area of expertise.

2. Experts perform the evaluation in 2 stages:

  • pre-selection of applications (including a technical review, to confirm that the Application has been properly completed a pre-selection review by the independent Experts)
  • submission of recommendations on financing, that is performed by experts involved in the Selection Commission

3. Each Expert assesses the technological feasibility of the project, including the assessment of the project team, proposed technology and product/service, intellectual property rights, market potential, and the viability of the proposed development strategy.
4. Each expert provides feedback on project evaluations in accordance with the methodology defined by the Fund. The Expert may also indicate issues that may be further clarified with the applicant during the project presentation.
5. Experts involved in the Selection Commission participate in the final pitch event and give recommendations on the appropriateness of providing financial support for the proposed projects.

For more details, please refer to the Terms of Reference for Assessment of Experts under the USF Grant Program.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach us out at [email protected]

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