Get the chance to submit your startup at CES 2022 in Las Vegas right now!

The Ukrainian Startup Fund and the Western NIS Enterprise Fund invite Ukrainian startups to take part in the competition and join the Ukrainian stand of startups at the Consumer Electronics Show 2022!

If your startup:

  • Innovative and exciting, consumer-oriented;
  • Has ready-to-sell devices and solutions;
  • Ready to scale the business.


We invite you to participate in the competition!

Eight winners of the competition will be exempt from renting space at CES 2022 and will be able to present their product in the Ukrainian pavilion of startups at CES Eureka Park in Las Vegas, Nevada.
The same winners will be able to go through CES Bootcamp – intensive training, in order to best present their startup at CES 2022.

To participate in the competition, you must submit an application by August 31, 2021.

Requirements for applicants:

  • The company must develop a product in any consumer tech product category, such as hardware, software, content, and technology delivery systems (please see the complete list of CES Product categories at);
  • Must be able to showcase finished product or service at CES (mockup/prototype /etc.);
  • Have a founder who speaks English (or an English-speaking representative) and the opportunity to visit CES-2022 in the United States on January 5-8, 2022;
  • Have the financial means to pay for the flight, accommodation and other expenses associated with the stay in the United States during CES 2022.

Separate applicants must meet the criteria of Eureka Park, namely:

  • The technology displayed must be applicable to the consumer technology space

  • The first product must be released no earlier than January 1, 2021.

  • Crowdfunding campaigns, pre-orders and beta stage are allowed.

  • Your product or service must be innovative with the potential to make a profound impact on the market.

  • The technology must be demonstrable as a prototype or software mockup; no paper or concept entries.

  • You must display finished goods and under their own brand name(s).

  • The participant presents his products / technology for the first time at CES 2022.

  • 8

What opportunities will a startup get?

  • Advertising campaign to establish media relations at CES;
  • Advertising campaign to promote the winners of the competition participating in the CES exhibition;
  • Free intensive training (CES Bootcamp) to prepare your team for CES.


In the autumn of 2021, an intensive training will be organized to help you get the most out of participating in CES 2022.

  • Pitch training skills development;
  • Coaching to prepare for investment and business scaling;
  • Sales coaching;
  • Coaching to prepare for new markets.

Application process and determination of winners:

  • Participants fill in the application and upload the necessary information about their products and company by August 31, 2021.

  • All applications are peer reviewed.

  • Entries that have not been rejected based on the results of the Expert Evaluation will participate in the Pitch and present the Startup to the jury (Startup Competition Pitch Day, which will take place approximately in September 2021).

  • The best 8 companies will be selected by the jury and invited to participate in CES 2022 as part of the Ukrainian stand of startups.

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For more information

Send your questions to

Fill out the application right here and get a chance to go to Las Vegas.

The language of presentation and pitching is English.