What is a Seed investor? Advice from an angel investor & business founder

Our next speaker is a multi-faceted professional who is a start-up founder, seed investor and consulting director! In 2014, Benoît started his entrepreneurial journey with the company Bloomizon, a biotech startup which provides tailor-made personal care to its clients. Using Big Data and IA, Bloomizon aims at modelising the needs of individuals and providing personalized healthcare recommendations to its users. This innovative blooming start-up was successfully elected in the Top 5 Nutrition Tech Startups and Laureate of the French Réseau Entreprendre!

Benoît is also the founder and director of BJC Consulting, an agency that helps corporations manage their strategy, organization, innovation & technology as well as their venture capital.More recently Benoit started developing another activity as a seed investor. Since early 2020, he has been investing in early-stage startups who have innovative models. Seed funding is a type of investment where a person often called ‘’angel investor’’ decides to invest capital in a new-born business in exchange for a share of equity. Having recently arrived in Dubai with his family, his plan is to keep on investing his time, energy and funds in the Startup scene as well as using his entrepreneurial spirit to get involved in new projects.

Join us online to learn more about Benoît’s journey : how he created his first start-up back in 2014 and how he now helps other start-ups grow. You will learn key insights about seed investing and starting your own business!


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