Startups, Venture Capital and Angel Funding in a Reopened Economy

Covid has changed almost all aspects of our lives and the way we do business, including the startup ecosystem. As the country re-opens and companies adjust to the new normal, many startup founders have had to pivot to meet the new realities.

Join us for as discussion of how the pandemic has changed the startup landscape and how startups must do business, especially if they want to attract angel and venture capital investors.

We will cover new laws and how your startup can succeed and grow under the new rules. We will discuss:

  • How can startup protect themselves from post Covid liabilities?
  • What are best practices in the post-Covid world?
  • How has expanded government programs changed the startup world?
  • How can a startup position itself to succeed and avoid pitfalls?
  • What is new in venture capital investment terms?

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Jun 22 2021


19:00 - 20:30




Silicon Valley Startup: Idea to IPO