Preparing for Due Diligence — What comes after “yes” and before the check?

Founders need to be prepped and ready for the due diligence phase of investment where investors will ask for documents, projections, references and more. You also have an opportunity to get some background on your investors, but what should you ask? In this session, expect to cover the basics about “due diligence” as well as best practices and common pitfalls.

Minda Brusse is a co-founder and Managing Director at First Row Partners and the Venture Partner for 2048 Ventures in the Pacific Northwest.

Prior to First Row Partners, Minda spent time building investor skills and making select angel investments. In 2019, she assumed the fund manager role within Seattle Angel Conference and led record setting investments in two companies. Minda’s depth of experience comes from founding team and leadership roles at StormX, Via Airlift, Copper Six, and Epylon (acq by Accenture) over the course of 25+ years. As leader in the Seattle startup ecosystem, she speaks to audiences about blockchain, art and entrepreneurship, startup fundraising, and early stage investing.

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Jan 22 2021


22:00 - 23:00






CoMotion Labs