Stop pitching the same elevator pitch to everyone and start lifting eyebrows and sparking real interest from the people you actualy need and want to help you and your business grow! Opportunities are everywhere, but most of them are completely ruined by poorly prepared and badly delivered pitches that fail to take into consideration the needs and wats of the one you’re trying to atract! Needles to say – stage fright takes over ot your imposter syndrom acts out and you dont even speak up at all! This workshop will help you design and deliver positively structured and well planed out elevator pitch in the style or ready to use building blocks, you can use in any conversation with your perfect audience!

On this 3 h workshop, you will learn

  • how to identify if you even need to pitch!
  • to stop talking about you and focus on your audience!
  • how to structure your pitch to capture attention in the first sentence!
  • how to prepare – prewrite your elevators pitch, so it doesnt sound salesy
  • and how to deliver it with ease in a “conversation” style

The workshop will mix theory with practice.

  • part one – how to research for audinece cntric pitching
  • part two – how to strucutre your elevator pitch & exorcises on your buisiness
  • part three – live pitch reviews for a couple of selected pitches

BIG BONUS! All pitches will be reviewed by our expert pitch coach Meta Grošelj personaly and you will get a tip for improvement! This is a one time only opportuity for this ABC Accelerator event!

The event is finished.


Jun 14 2021


15:00 - 18:00




ABC Accelerator d.o.o.