Make Sweat Equity Great

“Make Sweat Equity Great” is the opening event of a series of many in which we aim to discuss the basic understanding, efficiency, values, and downsides of the Sweat Equity model.

Hosted by VNTRS – a Nordic Startup Studio and VC fund. Held as a Latitude59 side-event

In a panel discussion format, the event will be held online, hosting several local and foreign guests moderated by Tim Vaino – community manager at VNTRS. We will be revealing the guest lineup as we go.

VNTRS is originally a Swedish-based startup studio and a VC fund, working mostly with the Sweat Equity model. VNTRS has invested using the Sweat Equity model in 22 startups throughout almost five years of operations, having two successful exits while other companies grow as we speak. In 2021 VNTRS is closing the first round of a fund to be able to make follow-up cash investments as well. From the 1st of January, VNTRS has opened up the Estonian and Baltic region at large for operations.

Attending this event will give you:

  • A better understanding of how Sweat Equity works
  • Pros and cons for the given model
  • Real feedback on this model from the founders who went with it
  • Real feedback from VC fund and BAN who co-invested with Sweat Equity partner
  • Nature and values of VNTRS
  • Insight how you could start working with VNTRS
  • The reason why is Tim sweating so hard in the teaser video

Please register on Fienta to receive information regarding access to the stream. The event is free and everybody is welcome!

Organised in collaboration with Latitude59, LIFT99, Vita Pictura.

The event is finished.


Mar 11 2021


18:00 - 19:00