How-to Structure your Fundraising Process

At this Series A Academy knowledge-sharing workshop, we’re proud to present amazing speakers followed by break out sessions with room and time for facilitated networking and individual feedback on your most pressing fundraising matter.

For our second Series A Academy, we will dive into structure and optimisation of your fundraising process.

We will start out with a lightning talk aggregated across experience from a few hundred Nordic startups ‘How-to structure your fundraising process’ by Digital Hub Denmark‘s Director of Investment Zenia W. Francker, who has 10+ years of experience in connecting investors and startups and advising companies on the insights of fundraising.

Then the stage is set for the ⭐ of the show Ken Villum Klausen, Founder & CEO of Lunar which is your personal 2nd bank – fully digital and driven by mobile technology. Lunar is on a quest to rule the Nordics and rather sooner than later if you are following their aggressive growth acquisition strategy (a strategy that soon will transform Lunar from being merely a challenger bank and into a financial powerhouse). Ken shares the good, the bad and the ugly, incl. the development of his slide decks from early days till astonishing $122M in total funding so far. Those of you who have met Ken in person may not see him as Mr Structure but behold – when it comes to fundraising – few are as strategic as him. Take notes!

After the initial 2 x 10 min talk + 10 min Q&A with Ken and Zenia, participants will be divided into three breakout rooms:

  1. Startups in Series A fundraising mode
  2. Startups in pre Series A fundraising mode
  3. General networking

This workshop is aimed at founders & key employees, startups and scaleups assessing private funding opportunities.


  • Talks in fireside style, incl Q&A (30min)

Ken Villum Klausen (Lunar) & Zenia W. Francker (Digital Hub Denmark)

  • Breakout rooms (60min)
  1. Series A fundraising (max 10 people)
  2. Pre Series A fundraising (max 10 people)
  3. General networking

The event is finished.


May 05 2021


16:30 - 18:00




Digital Hub Denmark