How to fundraise & approach investors….virtually

It’s nothing new that the world has changed a lot in the past year.

So it’s no surprises that how startups fundraise and close investment has also changed.

How Founders approach investors from cold emails and LinkedIn messages to pitch decks to virtual pitching is a little different.

Most of us are used to it by now, the Zoom calls, the emails and making those virtual connections.

But how can startups optimise fundraising strategies and virtual outreach to close investment quickly?

In this webinar, General Partner and Co-Founder Craig Bristol Dixon will run through:

  • Accelerating Asia’s step by step guide to fundraising (we’ve helped startups in our accelerator raise S$30M so we have some experience)
  • Early-stage fundraising strategies and building up your investor connections remotely.
  • What investors look for in a pitch How to optmise your fundraising pipeline and time for maximum outcomes
  • This event is for any Startup Founder wanting to get their head around fundraising.

Note: this event will be on Zoom! You will receive an email with details at signup.

The event is finished.


Apr 27 2021


12:00 - 13:00




Accelerating Asia