How to Build a Successful Start Up

Becoming a startup founder nowadays is quickly becoming the go-to profession and people are keen to learn how to build up startups that will be successful.

In a startup environment it is almost a must to be driven by your idea and belief for big success together with influencing others.

At the beginning we as founders have many questions, ideas, options, things to decide. It is important to know the key metrics and how to create a business plan.

It is not only about doing things but as well about thinking and educating your consumers that your product/services/ideas have a bigger impact and would make their life easier.

For our February event we have created a discussion between start up investors and start up founders. All speakers are very keen to share their knowledge, experiences and will definitely inspire you what steps to take in order to create and build your business faster and better.

The speakers?

Linda Stucbartova, founder of Diversio and Executive Board Member of the Czech Israeli Chamber of Commerce

Vanda Seidelova, CEO/Founder of Twigsee

Jaroslav Trojan, VC and Investor in startups.

David Šiška, Angel Investor and Co-Founder of TRNSHMN


24th February 2021 at 18:00 – 19:30



Make sure you confirm your presence by registering for our virtual event as places are limited.

This is a FREE event, and open to everyone (females and female-lovers)

The event is finished.


Feb 24 2021


19:00 - 20:30






Future Females Prague