How startups can work with Japanese corporates

Collaboration between tech startups and large corporates in Japan can benefit both sides, helping corporates to create new markets, and startups to develop their products, and to scale. But working together is not without its challenges, especially if it is a startup launched by a foreign entrepreneur.

For this talk, we are happy to welcome Joshua Flannery, Advisor, New Venture Strategy at Rainmaking Innovation Japan and Managing Director of StartupBootcamp Osaka who will talk about lessons learned from designing & executing 100+ corporate-startup engagement programs. By partnering with key corporate players in Japan, he successfully attracted over 1,000 applications from scaleup technology companies interested in entering into the Japan market.

Key points:

✔️ What are corporations thinking when they consider working with startups?

✔️ How startups can benefit from partnerships with corporates

✔️ How to reach out and partner with Japanese corporates

✔️ Examples of corporate-startup successful collaborations in Japan

✔️ How to align startup objectives with corporate goals


🚀 About Joshua Flannery 🚀

Joshua has been working in the global startup ecosystem since 2004, and since then has brought a startup to Japan, started the largest university entrepreneurship program in Australia, led the Southern Hemisphere’s largest startup hub as Director of the Sydney Startup Hub, and played a key role in Japan’s cross-border innovation activities, firstly as co-founder of Innovation Dojo and more recently as CEO of Rainmaking Innovation Japan. He is currently serving as Advisor, New Venture Strategy for Rainmaking Innovation Japan.

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Apr 07 2021


13:00 - 14:00




Le Wagon Tokyo