How can the world of startups and investing become inclusive & diverse?

Andy and Mandy are childhood friends from Ghana, and are today among the most effective and respected forces when it comes to working for more diversity in the London tech scene.

Andy runs the Angel Investing School, which educates Black professionals to become startup investors. He is also Lead Product Coach at Novartis, a member of the 2021 angel programme at leading VC firm Atomico, and Honorary Member at the Green Angel Syndicate. Andy is a true thought leader and visionary within both Startup Investing and Product.

Mandy has co-founded Startup Discovery School, where they train diverse founder teams in raising capital and gaining traction. She is also Managing Director at Exeter Velocities that run an innovation programme focused on accelerating zero carbon goals in cities and organisations through collaborating with SMEs tackling climate change. Since 2018 Mandy has been a Venture Partner at Ada Ventures, working for more female founders in tech startups.

Some of the topics Andy and Mandy will address in this session:

  • What has the journey from Ghana to London been like? What have been the challenges on the way, and where do they see discrimination on the one hand, and inclusion and kindness on the other?
  • How can the world of startups, tech and investing become more inclusive and diverse?
  • What does it take from all of us, and what are the biggest barriers?
  • What is their biggest and most bold vision for the future?

Join us on Tuesday 9nd March 2021 to be inspired by Andy and Mandy’s journey and insights, and to have a chance to ask them your questions. As always, we will be a small group, so grab your (free) spot early.

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Mar 09 2021


18:00 - 19:00






Heartful Academy