How Can Startups Increase Their Chance Of Success

Through this session, we will cover a list of essentials that would result in a proven MVP and a pitch document that is effective in communicating a viable idea. The session would provide you an understanding of how to validate an idea, how to validate a concept, and how to develop an MVP.

Agenda: How Can Startups Increase Their Chance Of Success – An Introduction To Pitching Your Startup Idea

  • Identifying the biggest blockers to startup success and understanding the importance of market need and product fit for the solution
  • How to evaluate and validate an idea
  • How to define the contours of the solution and validate the solution is viable
  • How to develop and test MVP’s and how to put together a pitch document
  • The technique of how to increase the chances of success through a process of customer and solution of discovery
  • How to build a storyline for an effective pitch to a potential investor
  • Explore various elements that make the story complete and effective
  • Introduction to the art of building an effective presentation

Who should attend?

  • The focus is on startups and entrepreneurs, but anyone who is interested can tune in.

Why should you attend?

  • This will be an extensive session by an industry professional that will help give individuals insight into the decisions made by investors. A deep dive into the” Why’s” and “How’s” of investing is an edge to potential entrepreneurs.

The event is finished.


Aug 10 2021


13:30 - 15:00