Hiring Your First Salesperson

As a founder who wears many hats, one of the most important tasks is developing a sales team for your startup. Hiring a salesperson who is a good fit for your company and has the right skillset to increase revenue is crucial to your long-term success.

In part two of the Founders Sales Series, we cover the main checkpoints that come with hiring a salesperson. This includes:

  • When to hire at the right time to meet your revenue goals
  • Who to hire first and what skills, experience, and characteristics you should look for
  • How to measure sales based on company goals and create a consistent, collaborative, and repeatable process
  • When to grow your sales team and avoid common pitfalls that come with expansion

This webinar will give you a preview to the full, 4-week course and show you how to take the first step in adding an effective new member to the team who is aligned with your startup’s values and goals. So join us on August 10th at 11:00 AM MST to the second installment of the Founders Sales Series: Hiring Your First Salesperson!

The Founders Sale Series is led by serial entrepreneur, Aaron Bare, and covers topics that include hiring your first salesperson and sales leader, building a successful sales department, and scaling your sales culture. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements to secure your spot in future free webinars!

If you have questions about the webinar, please email Carly Figman at [email protected]

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Aug 10 2021


21:00 - 22:00




Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation