Fundamentals for Startups: Startup Valuation

Many entrepreneurs struggle with having the “valuation” discussion with investors. Given that many startups have no revenue, much less profits, well established quantitative methods simply do not work well. All too often, it feels to the entrepreneur that valuations are just being pulled out of thin air. Join Yi-Jian Ngo from the Alliance of Angels for an interactive workshop on startup valuation. We will walk through some practical guidelines and three specific methods that entrepreneurs can use to guide their valuation negotiations.


  • Startup valuation tools
  • Connecting with investors
  • Startup valuation guidelines
  • Valuations specific to startups

Yi-Jian Ngo

Yi-Jian Ngo is the Managing Director of Alliance of Angels. A network engineer by training, Yi-Jian stumbled into the startup world when AT&T rebooted its corporate venture fund and recruited him as a founding team member. Working closely with entrepreneurs and helping them build their companies turned out to be so rewarding that he continued that work at Microsoft. Most recently, he was a venture capitalist at Sierra Ventures, where he focused on investments in mobile and enterprise/infrastructure software & services from around the world. Yi-Jian holds an MBA from the Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell. Read more about Yi-Jian Ngo on LinkedIn.

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Oct 09 2020


22:00 - 23:00






CoMotion Labs