Financial Fundamentals for Startups and Entrepreneurs

This session focuses on necessary business skills needed to project an entity’s growth potential and estimate the current or future value of the entity. Start-ups and entrepreneurs can use these tools to make decisions about raising capital (debt and/or equity), entering new markets or offering new products, budgeting and forecasting for months and years ahead, determining which projects or segments of the entity to invest in, and determining how to cut costs and maximize profit. Having a solid foundation in financial modeling and valuations is crucial for a new start-up and sets up a company for financial success when it comes to decision making and execution.

About the Speaker

Alana is a learning facilitator who collaborates with EY’s tax service line and learning teams to design and deliver technical content. Experienced professional with 13+ years serving privately-owned clients and entrepreneurs in EY’s tax practice.

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May 12 2021


19:00 - 20:00