Building a Modern Analytics Framework for Your Startup

Too often, we come across organizations whose data and analytics are half-baked or non-existent. Whether a result of budget concerns or the intimidation of designing and implementing such processes, certain data and analytics practices are forgotten or overlooked until it’s too late. It is essential for companies, especially startups, to have organized, accessible, and understandable data from day one. During our event, we’ll provide a guide for startups to implement a modern, scalable data and analytics framework, from basic data management best practices to platform recommendations and strategy tips. We’ll provide insight on what types of analytics answer specific business problems and will open the discussion up at the end for a Q&A session.

When most people, especially entrepreneurs or business-minded folks, think of analytics and the technology that comes with it, they see a big price tag and, therefore, a big barrier to implementing any kind of analytics. During this event, our mission is to share low-to-no cost strategies, platforms, tips, and resources, making data and analytics an attainable initiative for anyone looking to take their next step into the startup world. We’ll also highlight local tech and business resource and advocacy groups.

The event is finished.


Nov 16 2020


21:30 - 22:30






Continuus Technologies