Breakfast With An Investor: Murat Aktihanoglu, ER Accelerator

Murat Aktihanoglu is Co-Founder and Managing Director of ERA, New York City’s leading technology accelerator and early stage venture capital fund. He has held this position for all 18 accelerator cohorts and all Expansion Funds. Since launching in 2011, ERA has invested in more than 215 startups that are already playing leading roles in the evolution of virtually every major global industry. Murat is an entrepreneur, investor, technologist, and author. His last startup prior to ERA was Centrl, a location-based social networking company that he founded in 2008.

Murat founded Entrepreneurs Roundtable as a non-profit in 2007. The organization, which holds monthly free “short pitch” format meetings connecting investors with promising startups, has created a very active and engaged community in New York City helping budding entrepreneurs, investors and the local startup ecosystem. ER has hosted more than 300 events to date with more than 75,000 participants.

In 2011, Murat co-authored Location-Aware Applications, a comprehensive guide to the technology and business of creating compelling location-based services and applications.

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Apr 15 2021


16:30 - 18:00