Best Practices For Managing and Modeling Early-Stage Startup Finances

Properly modeling, forecasting, and managing finances can make or break an early-stage startup. On this interactive online event, Rami Essaid will share tips for startup CEOs to effectively manage finances from the seed to Series A stage. Leveraging his experience starting Finmark (a YC-backed financial modeling startup) and Distil Networks (acquired), Rami will cover topics like how (and when) to transition from external help to a full-time finance hire, how to model expenses and very early revenue plans, the best way to communicate finances to a board and VCs, and more. There will also be a long Q&A session where you can ask questions.

About the Speaker: Rami Essaid

Rami Essaid is the Founder & CEO of Finmark, a YC-backed company that aims to make financial modeling easy for startups. He was previously Co-Founder, CEO, and Chairman of security startup Distil Networks, which was sold to Imperva Networks.

The event is finished.


Jul 28 2021


19:00 - 20:00




Founder Institute