BASIQS: Business Model Canvas for Beginners

Q-musta Explorers & Entrepreneurs!

Are you interested in learning how to make a one-page business model? Have you ever heard of a Business Model Canvas also known as a BMC? It is a representation of a business plan that shows the important variables that can improve a startup chance of succeeding! Come to our virtual BASIQS: Business Model Canvas for Beginners on January 14 at 4:30PM, to learn how to map out your startup’s BMC!

This will be helpful if you’re a new founder or an early stage startup team with an existing idea!


What is BASIQS?

BASIQS is an interactive talk conducted by QBO faculty that aims to help potential entrepreneurs to do their first steps in the startup scene followed by time for networking. It also helps first-time startup founders/employees to get a handle on the startup culture, and what makes it different from traditional businesses.


4:20 PM Webinar Opens

4:30 PM BASIQS class


Certificates are given for those who attended and completed the class.

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Jan 14 2021


10:30 - 12:30






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