Artificial Intelligence in Health

This event will cover a broad range of issues around AI & Health, with presentations by innovative startups.

Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging Demystified

Speaker : Frederic Lambrechts (CEO, Osimis)

We’re on the back side of the hype curve for AI in medical imaging.

Broader adoption of AI is on the rise. But questions remain and evolve as the technology makes progress in the domain:

  • Should our department buy or make AI?
  • Where do we begin?
  • How is it going to affect our workflow?
  • Are all solutions legit?
  • What’s the end game?

Is your AI useful if nobody can use it ? How to effectively bring AI in field expert life ?

Speakers : Grégoire Vincke (CEO, Cytomine) Renaud Hoyoux (CTO, Cytomine)

  • Is your AI useful if nobody can use it ?
  • How to effectively bring AI in field expert life ?

AI and data sciences in the COVID pandemic in Belgium

Speaker : Thibault Helleputte (CEO, DNAlytics)

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in Wuhan late 2019, data started to flow increasingly: test results, hospital resource consumption, GPS data, contact tracing data, … and now vaccination data.

But that is only the tip of the iceberg :

  • What have we done with these data?
  • What reasonable balance should be set between what we can and what we should do in terms of data exploitation?
  • And at what societal cost?

Leveraging AI and data science to unleash the secret potential of our brain

Speaker: Clarisse Pamies (CEO, Open Mind Neurotechnologies)

COVID-19 has demonstrated how physical and mental health are interconnected. As a real “second pandemic”, anxiety and depression h

ave exploded. However, many of us still consider their brain as a black box. Combining virtual reality, sensors, real-time biofeedback and data science, we have translated the recent breakthrough in neurosciences for individuals to master their stress. How to make our body and behavioral data speak? How does it give access and help us train our mental well-being and performance.

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Mar 15 2021


18:00 - 20:00