The Ukrainian Startup Fund will hold the 21st Pitch Day

The Ukrainian Startup Fund will hold the 21st selection of startups for state financing which have received high marks from experts. Pitch Day, due to quarantine, will take place on February 5 remotely, using Zoom, a service for video conferencing. Everyone will be able to watch the live broadcast on our official YouTube channel. 

The first pitch of the February has marked the appearance of the third generation of startups. With each new decade, the level of projects and presentations is steadily increasing, so we are all excited, waiting how the teams will amaze the jury this time– CEO of the Ukrainian Startup Fund Pavlo Kartashov comments the announcement. 

Also, special prizes will be awarded to the teams participating in the pitch from the partners of the Ukrainian Startup Fund – LIFT99 Kyiv Hub, iHUB based on NUMA and Unit School of Business.

The LIFT99 Kyiv Hub Prize is to reward teams selected by LIFT99 representatives with free access to their startup hub for a period of two months.

The prize from Unit School of Business is to award one startup selected by USB representatives with a scholarship for free education at their school for entrepreneurs.

The prize from iHUB powered by NUMA is to reward a team selected by iHUB representatives for three months of free use of their workplaces. In the future, the startup founders can be iHUB residents with a 50% discount for 6 months if they wish.

What startups will we see?

10 seed startups (each of them сlaims for the $ 50,000 grant) managed to get to the 21st Pitch Day. Meet:

  • LinkAdd. A B2B SaaS service that helps companies attract customers through the Linkedin social network on full autopilot using artificial intelligence technologies.
  • Dots Platform. A digital cloud-based platform for launching a professional food delivery service in 2 weeks. Website and mobile apps for ordering, software for kitchen, couriers and backoffice. Provided as SaaS, without capital investments at the start, with payment upon use.
  • Advin. Goods availability controlling system on the shelves of food retail stores. It brings additional income by increasing shelf’s turnover via controlling the entire shelf depth, for bulk goods in particular.
  • EqMan. A SaaS solution for SME, which allows you to keep track of assets not only in the warehouse but also outside it, in remote locations. It allows business owners to clearly understand where its inventory, tools, equipment, etc., who are responsible for it, to know the real balances in the warehouse and quickly manage their goods.
  • Bot4Shop. A cloud service for merchants and entrepreneurs allowing to easily sell goods and services in Telegram messenger via bots. Various configuration settings, API, payments and more. No programming skills or development expenses required.
  • GIOS Mobile. A mobile application for learning Math and developing critical thinking of schoolchildren. EdTech solution based on AI and machine learning technologies that makes the learning process more flexible and adaptive. Interactive content, unique methodology, as well as the opportunity to learn anywhere and anytime, from now on – even offline.
  • VERUM.ERP. A B2B SaaS for effective quality control of materials and construction work on large building objects. Customers (Building companies or their contractors) can upload a bim-model of the project to the system. And our platform will help them to control the workflow of production, quality of materials and performance of works, such as density of concrete panels or integrity of piles. In Europe and in the United States, bim-modeling is a common standard. In Ukraine, bim-models are just beginning to be used.
  • ZERNOVOZ.UA. A transport marketplace for grain commodities and SAAS for transport management. Farmers and traders use it to manage their relations with transportation companies and search empty trucks near their sites. Decrease logistics costs and management routine.
  • Tradomatic. #1 agri marketplace of Ukraine. We help farmers earn more and spend less. Tradomatic unites all players of the agri market within a single messenger bot in Viber and Telegram.
  • Justo. A service for automating orders receiving via interactive menu for restaurants, hotels and resorts. The value of the service for the client is to reduce the cost of the paper menu, reduce the number of staff for service, increase the speed of service, increase data on visitors to the client’s institution. The service includes all modern restaurant technologies available on the market: interactive menu, staff call system, visitor reviews, online payment, online tips, pre-ordering and delivery. The service allows customers to make the maximum number of contact points of visitors with the interactive menu of the institution. Indoor – it’s QR codes or NFC tags, online – it`s a link, through which visitors immediately get to the menu without downloading the mobile application. The service integrates with the institution’s POS system, which allows you to automatically change menu prices, control stop lists and create new orders in the system.

Who is the jury made up of?

  • Olesya Malovana. Chapter director at Startup Grind Dnipro.
  • Olena Mazhuga. Investment manager at Genesis Investments.
  • Arkadiy Vershebenyuk. Partner at BeeVentures.
  • Mykhailo Khaletskyi. Senior Investment Analyst at Simpact VC.
  • Andrii Gulyi. Head of analytics at INDAX.
  • Oleksandr Riabtsev. Founder of StartupInUA.
  • Sergii Dovgopolyy. Managing partner at FeelGoodLabs businesses accelerator.

How to join?

The online broadcast will be available on our YouTube channel at the link, so everyone will be able to watch in real-time.

DATE: February 5. The actual start will be at 14:00 and approximately up to 19:30.


The Ukrainian Startup Fund is a state fund launched on the initiative of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The mission of the fund is to promote the creation and development of technological startups in the early stages (pre-seed and seed), in order to increase their global competitiveness. The process of selecting startups for grants takes place on a competitive basis: companies are evaluated and elected by the board of independent investment experts. 

The Fund also provides opportunities for promising startups to receive grants for acceleration programs of well-known Ukrainian and international accelerators. The USF Grant Acceleration Program aims to increase the number of successful startups, enhance professional competence, and improve skills related to business development and beyond.

The Fund also provides opportunities for promising startups to receive grants for acceleration programs of well-known Ukrainian and international accelerators. The USF Grant Acceleration Program aims to increase the number of successful startups, enhance the professional competence and improve skills related to business development and beyond.

LIFT99 is an international startup community with physical coworking locations in Kyiv and Tallinn. Our goal is to study the Ukrainian startup ecosystem and help it accelerate its entry to the global startup map. We connect startup founders and hold tete-a-tete meetings with investors, hold a number of closed events – which in turn helps the members of our hub to gain valuable experience and knowledge.

Unit School of Business. Business school for entrepreneurs and their teams at the UNIT.City innovation center. The school’s educational programs are based on the methodology of the University of Berkeley (California), and 80% of classes consist of practice. During their studies, students master 7 elements of business and immediately implement these tools in their projects. At the end of the program, students have the opportunity to take a course in pitch preparation and present their business to investors.

iHUB is one of the leading Ukrainian technology hubs, which combines modern coworking, the best acceleration programs, creates events of any complexity from scratch, as well as develops a number of its startups.