Why most Startups fail and what to do about it

What makes entrepreneurs succeed in their journey to the top? This is a question that a lot of researchers have been seeking to answer. It is striking the level of success of the founding teams or the first team members that join a Startup in its early years, only to stagnate or fail a short time thereafter. Research done by CB Insights gathered data from 101 startups that uncovered 20 different reasons for why startups fail.

Research led by Purdue University professor and organizational leadership consultant, Dr. Scott Hutcheson, and his partners at Human Insight, on why some Startups succeed and why others do not across Europe, Africa, and North America. Interesting one of the reasons for failure might hold the key for overcoming most of the others.

For the ones that do succeed, what makes them different? Can it be measured? Can it work for any Startup regardless of stage, size, or sector? Can it help your Startup significantly improve its odds of being successful?

Join Larry Cooper, a Human Insight Practitioner, who has partnered with Dr. Hutcheson, to find out which source of failure, that if avoided, can substantively improve the odds that your Startup will succeed. In this session Larry will help you gain clarity on:

  • Why introducing new products to market and growing a Startup follows the same Growth Curve.
  • The common mistake that most Startups never recover from and how to avoid it.
  • How to move from Startup to Scaleup in a methodical manner as goals and needs change.

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Apr 27 2021


16:00 - 17:00