What Startups Need to Know About Raising Money

A lack of capital is one of the primary reasons startups fizzle within the first few years, so learning the ins and outs of acquiring money can help ensure a successful business. In this session, learn from Nick Henderson, President of the Keiretsu Forum of New England on what new founders need to know when they approach investors for seed funding. By the end of this season, you will learn: 

  • A variety of methods savvy entrepreneurs use to standout to investors
  • What questions Investors will have for founders
  • What questions Founders should have for Investors
  • What a term sheet means and how to proceed

This is an opportunity for both entrepreneurs and those interested becoming Angel Investor to learn how to learn more about the process of investing in small business and there will be time for Q&A.

The event is finished.


Apr 22 2021


21:00 - 22:00