US EdTech Investment Trends European Entrepreneurs Need to Know in 2021

In partnership with Cooley, learn how events in 2020 shaped EdTech investment trends and navigate new trends emerging in the US market.

About this Event

4:30 – 4:35pm GMT – Introduction and Welcome

4:35-5:25pm GMT: One-on-one chats with each speaker (10 minutes each) to provide their trends and prediction across early childhood, K-12, higher ed and workforce training in the US heading into 2021

Event Speakers: Matt Johnson (Cooley) (moderator); Jean Hammond (LearnLaunch Accelerator); Ian Chiu (Owl Ventures); Benoit Wirz (Brighteye Ventures), Vicky Guo (Pearson Ventures), George Straschnov (Bisk Ventures)

5:25-6:00pm: Speaker discussion and audience Q&A

Following the fireside chats, you’ll be able to ask questions to the speakers and moderators.

The event is finished.


Jan 28 2021


18:30 - 20:00