Startup’s Communication Strategy: What Matters for your Investor?

Wondering why your incredible product doesn’t attract investors’ attention? Or thinking why existing relations with investors don’t go anywhere?

Even if you have a unique product or service, it’s not easy to scale things up without smooth communication between your startup and future or existing investors. Strategic communication with investors can make a positive difference in funding, business growth, exit outcomes, and many more!

For this reason, during this webinar, Max Postnikov will explain why communicating with investors in a planned way is so crucial for every startup founder. Max will share tips and tricks that can help build up the right communication strategy when approaching an investor or improving the existing relation.

About the speaker:

Max Postnikov is the founder at MentorMax & Board Member at Baltic Sandbox. Max is a long-year IT entrepreneur with two exits. Max is also a professional mentor and public speaker who works with other entrepreneurs and startup founders to help them achieve their goals.


The event is finished.


Feb 26 2021


09:30 - 10:30