Startup Fundraising: A Comprehensive Overview

This session is for any entrepreneur looking to raise money for their startup in the future, currently in a fundraising process, or would like to gain an understanding of what skills to develop and how to optimize their company.

After this session, you will have a good overview of the fundraising process, the principles, and elements associated with fundraising, as well as tangible steps to take to prepare yourself and the business. In addition to a holistic summary and actionable takeaways, you will get a chance to ask any questions you want during a dedicated interactive component.


  • Overview of fundraising methods, sources, and stages
  • An exhaustive summary of the different components and actions involved
  • Actionable takeaways of specific things to action, learn, and develop
  • Ability to ask questions and connect later with the Instructor

Who should join?

  • Startup founders
  • People interested in starting their own business
  • Investors interested in funding startup businesses
  • Startup businesses looking to get funding

The event is finished.


Aug 24 2021


13:30 - 14:30