Startup Branding: How Not To Fail

You are special. Your product is unique. It’s full of cool features, competitive advantages and values. But where are the customers? Why are they leaving or not coming at all?

There’s a great probability that the problem lies in the lack or absence of branding.

You need to create an emotional connection. You need to be credible. How to do it being a startup founder or marketer?

Let’s explore the topic & learn to overcome limitations faced by a startup.

On this workshop You will:

  • Be able to differentiate marketing and branding (Are they really different you may ask? Our answer is Yes!)
  • Learn to set priorities when a founding startup brand
  • Get practical suggestions on branding startups (particularly tech ones)

Speakers Bio

Jonathan Loaiza has over 8 years of experience in Marketing & Communications and Business Development Management. Born and raised in Mexico, he’s been living and working in Finland since 2012 and now Jonathan is Marketing Manager of Finnish Startup Glostars Oy.

Glostars Oy is a company based out of Finland that offers an inspiring & secure online platform for visual content creators to share photos, get rewards and recognition, as well as develop an international network. It is being designed and developed with creators for creators and it is focused on Creativity, Community & Challenge.

The event is finished.


Apr 13 2021


16:00 - 17:30