Scaling SaaS Operations

Starting with the right foot is key for building a successful software product. As founders, is imperative for us to learn the main areas of development that require our full attention in order to avoid common pitfalls.

During this event, our special guest speaker will share her years of experience on scalability and transforming outstanding operations for tech companies by driving efficiencies, reducing costs, building highly effective teams and developing the leadership skills to deliver an exceptional customer and employee experience.

Some key points that will be discussed:

  • What is the difference between Growth & Scale.
  • Where should we focus to have a successful launch and assure growth and scalability.
  • Tips for key metrics and measure results.
  • Building a foundation for culture in your team.
  • As an experience manager in this area, what are the biggest challenges and how do you confront them?

The event is finished.


May 28 2021


20:00 - 21:00