Product-Market Fit

Products and markets may be unique, but the path to finding product-market fit is not. It’s a formula. We reveal the formula and include practical and tactical takeaways that founders can apply in real-time.

We also reference best practices and case studies drawn from our decades of hands-on experience to inform founder judgment and help build confidence.

By taking an incredibly deep dive into the process of building a well-crafted Ideal Customer Profile, this session will help founders stop improvising how they go to market and protect their precious runway by following the well-tread path to product-market fit with intent.

Investor-readiness is the natural byproduct of customers and revenue. We’re looking forward to meeting your founders and earning the opportunity to invest in them.

About the Presenter:

Max Menke – Max is a Founding Partner at GrowthX. Max has extensive experience developing and executing data-driven, scalable and repeatable go-to-market strategies at the early product-stage across various industries and products. Max’s expertise is centered on building systems, tools, processes and market messaging for teams to accelerate the path to product market fit and exponentially grow revenue.

Before joining GrowthX as a Founding Partner, Max built the sales technology stack and lead generation playbook for multiple early stage companies. His experience identifying ideal prospects and constructing sophisticated, multi-step email campaigns resulted in a 3-5 X increase in lead generation and overall pipeline development, putting all companies he has worked with on a path to predictable revenue. Max spent several years in China where he was managing director and the only foreign employee of a successful education startup that went from 15 employees to over 200 in 18 months.

This is a Zoom webinar. A link and password will be emailed to each registered participant the morning of the event.

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Feb 11 2021


20:00 - 21:00