Product Design & Business Models

Welcome to the first of several virtual EduGrowth Insights Seminars we have planned in 2021. This is a chance to gain the tools to accelerate an early-stage startup or to make a seed of an idea, a realityIn the first half of the year, we’ll facilitate four seminars that will cover a range of essential topics.

You’ll hear from established thought leaders in the sector — they’ve been where you are, and have the know-how of what it takes to go further. These seminars will include a Q&A with the speaker and an opportunity for virtual networking with your peers.

Session #1: Shaping Your Business – Product Design and Business Models

How do you design an impactful product? What does an effective business model look like?

Nikki Bonus, CEO and Founder of Life Skills Group, and Tim Praill, COO of Faethm AI, will help participants navigate these questions. Harnessing their experiences, they’ll provide real-world insight on this important first stage of an EdTech business.

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in education innovation and education technology will find our seminars useful.

  1. EdTech startups
  2. Academics and Educators with an EdTech idea
  3. Professionals in EdTech or Education industry

What you will learn

– How to start your business from scratch, design your product and understand user experience

– How to research the target market and develop the product that suits a particular market

– How to create an innovative business model in the education sector and meet the demand of customers

The event is finished.


Apr 22 2021


08:30 - 10:00