Patents for startups and investors: dealmakers or dealbreakers?

Patenting takes time, so should be planned ahead. One of the considerations for a startup’s patenting strategy could be its influence on the success of further fundraising. Depending on the industry, stage and other factors, patents could be the dealmakers or the dealbreakers.

In conversation with Peter Arrowsmith (Partner at Gill Jennings & Every), Angelika Burawska (COO at SFC Capital) and Dmitry Kuzmin (Managing Partner at 4BIO Capital) we will discuss the influence of a startup’s patenting strategy on fundraising results. 

Key topics

  • In what circumstances patents are critical for the startup’s fundraising success (industry, sector, target audience, territory, expansion plans, exit plans etc.)?
  • When should a startup start researching and formulating its patenting strategy? What should be the first steps? Where should he look for the advice?
  • What should early investors (angels, micro VCs) be looking at in terms of the patent situation when they are considering investing in a startup?

The event is finished.


Apr 19 2021


21:00 - 22:00